A combination of bite-sized close-ups, clear branding and simple calls to action helped Boursin capture a younger audience and boost awareness.

From François Boursin's beginnings as a young Normandy cheesemaker, Boursin has always aimed to break the mold on its advertising. First cheese featured in a national TV campaign? That was Boursin.

In 2019, Boursin saw another opportunity to try something different with their holiday campaign. Looking for a chance to reach younger shoppers, they decided to test a new approach to their Pinterest creative, leaning into “big cheese” celebrity appeal to seal the deal.


increase in ad recall1


increase in brand awareness1


Adding celebrity sizzle

Boursin decided to run a mix of ad creative: some focused on holiday appetizers, and some featuring a celebrity content creator. Their secret weapon was Antoni Porowski, food influencer and star of Netflix’s Queer Eye. Porowski shared several original Boursin recipes for easy and elegant “wow-worthy” appetizers, helping people see the brand in a new light.

A taste of success

A brand lift study showed that the campaign delivered a 2% lift in both brand and ad recall. The team also validated their idea to partner with a celebrity: Pins featuring Porowski performed better than their Pins without him.

Tips for your next campaign

Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads.

To give your campaign that extra boost, consider partnering with a celebrity who can showcase new ways to use your products.

Find a seasonal hook to make your Pins more relevant, whether that’s the winter holidays or something else that’s top of mind throughout the year.