Using Pinterest consumer trends to craft their creative strategy bumped up BON V!V’s performance at every stage of their customers’ journey.

Eight years ago, an intruder strutted into a bar and knocked wine and beer back on their heels. Lighter on the calories, hard seltzer became an instant hit. 

The brand that started it all, now called BON V!V, literally created a whole new category in 2013. But fast-forward to today—and alcoholic seltzer has become a competitive field. Once again, BON V!V needed to stand out. So they turned to Pinterest, using trends to connect with their audiences all the way from awareness to purchase. 

They created a campaign that showed their premium, great-tasting and zero-sugar seltzer in scenarios that synced with audience trends: ways to create a cozy brunch experience at home.


full-funnel lifts from awareness to consideration intent1


increase in consideration2

Treats for home retreats

BON V!V seamlessly aligned their creative, targeting and execution. Working with draftLine, their internal agency, their campaign highlighted sophisticated flavor blends and targeted people’s passions, making sure each Pin spoke to a trending Pinterest insight like self-care checklist or easy cocktail recipes

BON V!V paired their sugar-free seltzer with images of occasions that were trending on Pinterest. What better way, they figured, to enjoy these sugar-free seltzers than while indulging in self-care rituals like bubble baths, or setting the picture-perfect table with brunchable bites? To top it off, BON V!V featured feminist activist and creative advisor Priyanka Chopra-Jonas in a few Pins to further connect with their audience.

A table with cans of BON V!V hard seltzer, brunch items and actress/activist Priyanka Chopra-Jones

Bubbly results

As the brand that created the hard seltzer category, BON V!V knew they needed to nail their rebrand. After all, they were holding themselves to a high standard of success via a Kantar Millward Brown Brand Lift Study. They nailed it, seeing 100% full-funnel statistically significant lifts across all five measured metrics: brand and Pin awareness, message association, brand favorability and purchase intent.

Partnering with Chopra-Jones was also worth a toast: Pins with the actress performed best, driving higher click-through rates and lower CPCs.

Tips for your next campaign

Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads.


Plan an insights-first strategy. Use our report, Pinterest Predicts, to identify the latest trends and develop campaigns based on them.


Once people have considered your brand, keep them coming back. Design your campaign for every step in the buyer journey to maximize full-funnel lift.