Pinterest gives people their next great idea

It’s a one-stop shop for inspiration, new products and new possibilities.

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How it works

Pinterest is the app for inspiration. It helps people find useful, relevant ideas—and then bring them to life.

People don’t always have the words to describe what they’re looking for. But, they’ll know it when they see it. As they browse Pinterest content (called “Pins”), they fine-tune their tastes and find the perfect idea.

Every Pin is a possibility

People on Pinterest are looking to take action. They’re here to spice up their everyday lives (dinner recipes, homework tips), celebrate special moments (birthday parties, bucket list trips) and plan for what’s next (home renovations, college, a new baby).

A guide to the perfect find

As people scroll, they gather ideas for what to try next. The more they use Pinterest, their personalized recommendations get better and better.

There’s a ton of shopping features built right into the platform. It’s easy to see details like pricing, save products to shopping lists or click to buy right away.

Some Pins contain videos or tutorials to teach new skills and activities. From recipes to DIY projects to workouts, people love seeing creative ideas and tips.

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445mMore than 445 million people use Pinterest every month¹

Right audience. Right place. 
Right time.

You’ll find your most passionate, loyal audience on Pinterest. Everyone wants to try new things—and that means Pinterest appeals to everybody. From Gen Z students to Millennial men and travel-obsessed retirees, they’re all here for inspiring, actionable ideas.

How you fit in

People are here to discover new ideas and products—so they actively want to hear from you. That translates into meaningful results and strong relationships with your target audience.

To get started, sign up for a free business account. You’ll get extra features like analytics, ads and exclusive Pin formats. All designed to help you hit your goals.

Brands and creators see strong results

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ScottsMiracle-Gro grew their sales

Pinterest trends helped the gardening products company create fresh, eye-catching creative, bringing in 60% lower cost-per-engagement than other platforms.²

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Jomely Breton grew her audience

Pinterest helped the fashion and travel expert add 148% more followers in a month, connecting her with a deeply engaged audience.³

Some common questions

  • Why should I get a Pinterest business account?

    Business accounts help brands, creators and merchants get more out of Pinterest. You’ll get access to analytics, ads and exclusive content formats. Business accounts are free, and it’s quick to sign up.

  • I’m a content creator. What type of account should I sign up for?

    Creators should get a Pinterest business account to take advantage of special tools like exclusive content formats and analytics. It’s called a “business account,” but it’s meant for creators, too. You can sign up for a new account, or convert your personal account into a business account.

  • I’m already using other platforms. How is Pinterest different?

    On Pinterest, content isn’t chronological—it’s personal. Your content shows up right as people are looking for something to try, buy or do.  

    People are here to find new ideas and take action, rather than simply liking other people’s posts or scrolling through the latest news. That means they’re actively seeking content from brands, merchants and creators. 

  • I don’t have my own website. Can I still use Pinterest?

    Absolutely! You don’t need your own website to publish content on Pinterest. All you need is a Pinterest business account to get started. You can upload assets, create Idea Pins and more right in the Pinterest app. You can also connect your accounts from social networks to Pinterest so it’s easier to share content across platforms.

  • How do I decide what to publish on Pinterest?

    Your audience is using Pinterest to find fresh, original ideas. Wow them with a visually captivating story, or use Pinterest trends to create content based on what people want to try next.

    The best news? Your content lives forever on Pinterest. It doesn’t disappear after a set time, so people can keep discovering it long after you publish the Pin.

  • How do I get started on Pinterest?

    Hey, thanks for asking. First, get a free business account. Then, check out our guide to getting started with business tools and features.