Fresh start: inspiring people to spruce up their lives

12 May, 2021—Hannah Meium Harman

It’s not just our homes that needed a spring clean this year. As Pinners emerged from a winter spent in lockdown, their minds and bodies were longing for a declutter, too.

More than 470 million people use Pinterest each month to try new things and save new ideas.1 And Pins featuring a Trend Badge offer marketers a way to reach this highly engaged audience with actionable, co-branded campaigns.

Here’s how five advertisers used trending searches to help Pinners turn over a new leaf this spring.

1. Sleep sanctuary


ICYMI: sleepcare is the new self care. We even named it a top trend for 2021. In fact, launched a whole Trend Badge campaign around this insight to help raise brand awareness in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

2. Plant power


Like clockwork, countless people around the world adopted a more plant-friendly diet in January. So it’s no surprise that “veganuary” was a top trending search in the UK.2 M&S served up delicious vegan meal ideas on Pinterest for every time of day, like recipes for bircher muesli, lettuce cups and stews.

3. Outdoor oasis


Longer, brighter days mean more time outside—and Pinners are keen to make the most of it. When searches for “haus deko eingangsbereich aussen frühling” (house deco outside area spring) jumped 537x YoY in Germany,3 Porta showed them how to transform their home’s backyard into the outdoor space they’d always dreamed of.

4. Vegan treats


UK searches for “Easter eggs” hopped 38% YoY4 as people turned to Pinterest for ideas to mark the moment. Sainsbury’s used video Pins to showcase its range of hand-decorated vegan easter eggs to those looking for some guilt-free indulgence.

5. Outdoors, indoors


We can’t always live in the middle of nature but bringing the outside in doesn’t have to mean potted plants and fresh flowers. Online marketplace LUMAS leveraged the 646% increase YoY in searches for “haus deko wohnzimmer” (house deco living room) in Germany to highlight lush green scenes.5


People on Pinterest are ready to act, open-minded and undecided: 97% of top searches are unbranded6 but 8 in 10 Pinners say they’ve bought something based on a brand they found here.7 And that gives you the perfect opportunity to be just the thing they were looking for.