Zephyr mobile

Boosting customer acquisition through Promoted App Pins

The mobile app developer Zephyr Mobile used keyword targeting and Promoted App Pins to drive installs of their ‎Live Wallpapers Now app, achieving a 30% higher conversion rate from click to install compared to other platforms.

+ 30 %
higher conversion to installs vs other platforms*
+ 15 %
higher return on advertisement spend vs other platforms*

Their goal

Dialling into the millennial audience

Zephyr Mobile is a mobile app developer with a simple mission: to create high-quality apps that reduce stress and relieve anxiety. Live Wallpapers Now – one of their most popular apps – allows users to customise animated backgrounds for their phones.

However, Zephyr Mobile was facing a challenge – how could they get more customers to download the app? After all, not everyone is familiar with live wallpapers or knows how to install them. Zephyr Mobile wanted to escalate their audience reach and acquire more paying customers, specifically millennials.  

Pinterest was the obvious choice, as many people use the site to search for new ideas. Zephyr Mobile also saw an opportunity to connect with their target audience, as the platform boasts a strong millennial presence. Furthermore, 80% of Pinners are mobile-centric, making Pinterest ideal for advertising a mobile app.

Their solution

Appealing to potential customers through precise keyword targeting

Aiming to acquire high-value customers for the Live Wallpapers Now app, Zephyr Mobile based their visually striking campaign around Promoted App Pins showcasing some of the bright and dynamic wallpapers that are available to download on the app.

To ensure they were reaching the right people, Zephyr Mobile developed a robust keyword strategy based on interests. They created different combinations of behaviours, call-to-action messages, and audience demographics to find out what works best with Pinners, and by optimising creative assets and messaging, aimed to maximise ad performance.

Throughout the campaign, Zephyr Mobile analysed which Pins people were clicking and saving. They found that Pinners who clicked ads the most frequently were interacting primarily with Pins related to fashion, style, looks, décor, and travel. This enabled Zephyr Mobile to make changes to their targeting strategy and better connect with their target audience.

Although they initially focused on general keywords, Zephyr Mobile found that precise targeting resulted in better conversion rates. By focusing on highly relevant keywords like “live wallpapers” or “iPhone X wallpapers” they were able to reach their best customers. Zephyr also targeted by device type, reaching out to Pinners browsing the platform with the newest iPhone models.

Their results

Lifting conversion to install rate by 30%

Zephyr Mobile were pleased with the results of the campaign, achieving 30% higher* conversion to installs compared to other platforms. The Pinterest campaign was also a success from a financial perspective. Zephyr Mobile saw a return on advertisement spending (ROAS) that was 15% higher* than it was on other platforms. Plus, cost-per-subscriber dropped by 30%*. All in all, Pinterest has delivered on Zephyr Mobile’s goals, powering app installs and expanding their total audience reach.

Egor Belyi, Head of Marketing.
Zephyr Mobile
“After a few months running Promoted App Pins, we’re thrilled by the marketing performance and how it lets our content shine. The launched campaign resulted in a 30% higher conversion to installs compared to other platforms. The strong results we are getting proves that Pinterest has a highly relevant and engaged audience.”

Advertiser tips

1. Test, test, test. Try different messages, explore a range of creative options, and position your product from different angles to find out what works and what doesn’t. Let Pinners decide what makes them convert, whether it’s beautiful creative, clear messaging, or something else.

2. Pinners use Pinterest to feel inspired and creative, so give them what they’re looking for – bright, high-quality Pins that provide a real message. You can also use keywords to understand what works best for Pinners.

3. Seasonal Pins offer great results. Use upcoming holidays like Halloween and Christmas to create season-tailored Pins.

4. Pinterest is a great platform for connecting with female users. Before using Pinterest, Zephyr Mobile had a higher percentage of men using the app than women. Now, it’s the other way around.

*Zephyr mobile, data 2019