White Stuff

Engaging linen shoppers along the purchase path with Promoted Pins

White Stuff – the fashion and lifestyle brand generated awareness of their linen clothing products with a sophisticated campaign that targeted potential customers in the early stages of their purchase journey.

+ 23 %
higher click-through rate compared to lifetime account average
54 %
lower cost-per-mille versus social channels
Caroline Bradley, Head of Marketing
White Stuff
“The engagement produced on Pinterest was much higher compared to our social channels that we activated the same campaign on. Using Pinterest enabled us to reach customers when they were most engaged and actively searching for specific products which is not possible on other social media platforms.”

Their goal

Establishing White Stuff as a market leader in linen

Founded in 1985, White Stuff is a British lifestyle and fashion brand that sells women’s clothing, men’s clothing, kid’s clothing, homeware, and gifts. Known for their original designs and one-of-a-kind prints, White Stuff have made it their mission to connect people and enhance communities. 

White Stuff has just launched the Linen Shop on their website and wanted to expand their share of voice within the rapidly growing linen goods space. To achieve market-leader status, White Stuff needed to amplify their reach in order to drive greater awareness and consideration of their product offering. The goal was to increase website traffic and boost video views, by means of Promoted Pins. To measure success, White Stuff set KPIs for click-through-rates, view-through rates, and engagement rates.

As a visual platform that people visit when they're looking for fashion inspiration, Pinterest was the ideal partner for White Stuff's new campaign. 

Their solution

Optimising targeting to boost product reach

Working with digital agency iCrossing, White Stuff focused on a female audience in the UK who were using Pinterest to actively search for items of linen clothing like dresses, shirts and tops. After setting up a dedicated board for their Linen Shop, White Stuff implemented keyword targetting using search terms that were driving performance on other digital channels.

The team launched two campaigns – one using Static Pins and another using Video Pins – both of which were optimised for traffic to drive consideration of White Stuff’s product range. They continuously reviewed the keywords, identified and paused the underperforming ones, and expanded on search terms that had produced the best click-through-rates.

Their results

Lifting engagement rates and driving traffic

The implementation of Promoted Pins and keyword targeting achieved fantastic results, producing the highest click-through rate for White Stuff to date on this channel.

Engagement rates were 22% higher1 than on White Stuff’s social channels that were activated for the same campaign, while view-through rates saw an even greater uplift – they were 66% higher2. Average click-through rates were 0.42% better3 than the campaign benchmark, and the cost-per-mille was 54% lower4 than it was on their social media platforms.

With those results, Pinterest was a great source of new customers for White Stuff.

Advertiser tips

  1. Use Pinterest to reach people who are actively looking for product and outfit ideas to inspire a purchase.

  2. Add a subtle brand logo on all Pins, but avoid the lower right-hand corner, as this is where product icons will appear.

  3. Implement search terms that work effectively on other digital channels like Google to attain maximum impact.

  4. Test maximum-width videos but ensure that they’re short and thumb-stopping in order to drive engagement.

1-4White Stuff data, 2019