Engaging home shoppers with video

The home e-tailer expanded their email marketing list using video Pins that showed multi-functional furniture in action, beating their internal cost-per-click and click-through benchmarks by 50%.

lower cost per click than Wayfair's internal benchmarks
higher click-through rate than Wayfair's internal benchmarks
Their goal

Growing a qualified marketing audience

Wayfair sells everything home: high-end, low-end, your style, your gran’s style and everything in between. They use technology to help shoppers quickly and easily find exactly what they want from more than 14 million items in home furnishings, décor, home improvement, housewares and more. Wayfair’s portfolio of brands also includes Joss & Main, AllModern, Birch Lane and Perigold.

A long-time Pinterest advertiser, Wayfair was looking to try something new with their Promoted Video. They wanted to tell the Wayfair story while also building their collection of customer email addresses – and they wanted to do it efficiently, on a massive scale.

Simon Lehar
Manager, Social Paid Marketing, Wayfair
Video is such an important element to our advertising efforts across all channels, but particularly on a platform that is as visually rich as Pinterest. Being able to showcase motion on some of our multi-functional furniture – as well as how potential customers could be interacting with it – was a big opportunity for us.
Their solution

Putting video to the test

Pinterest developed the Promoted Video Pin so that brands could create deeper engagement with Pinners. Pinterest users are 54% more likely to agree that videos on the platform inspire them to take action, and are 53% more likely to purchase a brand/product after seeing a video.1

The idea of using video to drive email acquisitions, as well as build brand awareness, appealed to Wayfair from both an analytical and creative standpoint. So, they partnered with Pinterest to test objective-based bidding on their Promoted Video Pins.

Wayfair took advantage of Pinterest’s visual platform and the motion of video to promote a few unique multi-functional furniture pieces. The resulting Pins showcased a coffee table with storage, a folding shelf unit that converts to a table and a cabinet that hides a guest bed. The videos allowed the team to test out a new creative concept while directly tracking the performance of each individual Pin.

Their results

50% more clicks for 50% less

Wayfair’s pioneering campaign proved their concept, delivering high engagement numbers and lots of new email subscribers. The video Pins with optimised bidding achieved a 50% lower cost per click and a 50% higher click-through rate than Wayfair’s internal benchmarks.

Advertiser tips
  • Think about how you can creatively use video to demonstrate something unique about your brand or products.

  • Be willing to shake up your ongoing campaigns. You might be surprised how much better they can become.

  • Mix your media! We wanted to build our email marketing list, and we did it using Pins in addition to pop-ups on our website.


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