Visit Wales

Reaching travellers searching for their next destination

Visit Wales – the Welsh Government’s tourism team ran a visually striking campaign promoting Wales’s epic shores, achieving a 35% higher engagement rate than on other digital platforms.1

higher engagement rate on Pinterest than on other platforms
lower CPC on Pinterest than on other platforms

Their goal

Engaging more potential visitors

The tourism team’s role is to promote Wales as a destination for holidays, short breaks and weekends. Wales is a country shaped by its people and inspired by its places. Wales’ outstanding natural landscapes offer world-leading adventure and a distinctive, contemporary culture, with unique places to stay and a feast of local food and drink.

Their mission is to create an emotional connection with potential visitors by using beautiful, rich, inspiring content that inspires them to consider Wales as a business or leisure destination. Their website helps people learn where to go, where to stay and what to do.

Visit Wales was looking to reach a wider audience of people with their content, specifically those who were planning holidays and short breaks. They wanted to bring more people to the Visit Wales website, specifically people with the intent to travel and new consumers who had never visited the Visit Wales website before. Their campaign measurement goals included website traffic and engagement on Pinterest.

Lucy Von Weber, Head of Tourism and Marketing
Visit Wales
“We're very pleased with the performance of this campaign, especially since it was our first time advertising for Visit Wales on this platform. We exceeded expectations on most of the metrics we were optimising for, particularly engagement, which was significantly higher on Pinterest than on other digital platforms where we promoted the same content.”

Their solution

Appealing to escapists with striking creative

Working with digital marketing agency iCrossing, Visit Wales identified a few insights and trends to inform their campaign. Notably, travel is among the top 10 categories on Pinterest.

Culturally, there’s a trend among young professionals looking to unplug and get away from their tech-centric lives. Holiday-goers are also increasingly looking for experiences – or things to do, rather than things to buy – when they travel.

The team combined these insights to create a visually striking, emotionally driven campaign that appealed to escapists with awe-inspiring photos and bold calls to action. To avoid ad fatigue and maintain strong performance throughout the campaign, they refreshed the creative halfway through.

To reach their target audience, Visit Wales used interest and keyword targeting. They optimised their keyword search terms frequently, removing those that delivered lower-than-average click-through rates to their site and expanding on the top-performers. They also used actalike audiences to connect with people like those who had previously engaged with Visit Wales content on Pinterest.

To make sure that their ads were only targeted to people who weren’t already familiar with Visit Wales, the team used information from the Pinterest tag to exclude all previous Visit Wales website visitors from the campaign.

Their results

Creating tourist traffic

The campaign drove lots of engaged visitors to the Visit Wales website. The ads had a 0.44% click-through rate and an 8.2% engagement rate. What’s more, Pinterest delivered a 35% higher engagement rate compared to other digital platforms where they also ran the same campaign content and saw a 30% lower cost-per-click on Pinterest over other platforms.2

Due to the great success that Visit Wales had with their first Pinterest campaign, the platform has since become an integral part of their operation.

Advertiser tips

  • Take advantage of the ad space by using a 2:3 aspect ratio for your Pins, which work well on Pinterest. Pins that go outside of this ratio might get cut off in people’s feeds.
  • Use text overlays with clear calls to action to add context and encourage people to engage.
  • Include a subtle brand logo on every Pin, as Pinterest creative best practices recommend. When someone saves your Pin, it will continue to serve earned impressions even when your campaign has ended.


1–2Visit Wales data, 2018


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