Engaging with 11x more people in one year with recipe Pins

The Brazilian food website uses Recipe Pins and themed boards to inspire people to read, cook and save its recipes, increasing traffic from Pinterest by 3x, and monthly visits from Pinterest by 11x in just one year.

3 x
increase in social traffic from Pinterest YOY
11 x
increase in monthly social traffic from Pinterest
Their goal

TudoGostoso, Portuguese for “all delicious”, is Brazil’s leading food website, with more than 22 million unique visitors every month. The site offers more than 180,000 recipes, supporting the free content through advertising and partnerships with brands.

TudoGostoso’s editors work with professional chefs and home cooks to collect, organise and select Brazil’s very best recipes. The team also nurtures their engaged, loyal and growing worldwide community that loves and celebrates food.

It was this community that, in part, motivated the company to join Pinterest in August 2015. TudoGostoso wanted to inspire its readers to get into the kitchen and start cooking by providing them with even more recipes. The site also knew that Pinners love food. It’s the largest category on Pinterest and continues to grow. According to our food report, the number of Pinners engaging with food-related content increased by 24% between 2015 and 2016.

TudoGostoso also likes that Pinterest is so visual, giving them a great platform to show off delectable recipes through beautiful photos. Plus, Pinterest allows TudoGostoso to reach an additional audience: people who don’t necessarily cook every day. Whereas most people go to TudoGostoso.com.br when they already know what they’re looking for, people go to Pinterest when they’re looking for inspiration. When they find it, TudoGostoso wants its Brazilian fare to be at the top of their minds.

Chloé De Trogoff
Publisher, TudoGostoso
“I think we owe our success with global audiences to Rich Pins. We have a lot of readers from the US. Food is a universal topic, no matter what language you speak.”
Their solution

Generating traffic with Rich Pins

TudoGostoso showcases its many recipes on Pinterest through beautiful photography, mouth-watering recipes and boards organised by occasion, including festive and party menus, and meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks.

The team has found that Rich Pins, which show additional information on the Pin itself, work especially well for them. Recipe Pins, a type of Rich Pin, show ingredients, cooking time and serving sizes. TudoGostoso also includes the Save button on its Pins, encouraging people to engage with the content, visit its site and join the TudoGostoso community.

Initially looking to share its recipes with a new audience, TudoGostoso now also gets valuable information about its content from Pinterest. The site’s editors started by posting their most popular website content on Pinterest, but have found that the top performers are often different.

On Pinterest, a fitness recipe is the most popular, but on TudoGostoso.com.br, dessert reigns supreme. Similarly, when they noticed that a lot of people were interested in their breakfast food, TudoGostoso created a board specifically for the most important meal of the day and started sourcing more recipes to fill it up.

The team has also discovered that it’s important to strike the right balance between inspiration and accessibility, including both recipes for dreamy culinary creations as well as easier ideas for everyday meals.

Chloé de Trogoff
Publisher, TudoGostoso
“Our offering is relatively unique on Pinterest. There’s not a lot of Brazilian food or Brazilian recipes on the platform. Our Pinners are passionate about cooking and often send us their best family recipes.”
Their results

Cooking on gas

Pinterest has helped TudoGostoso grow its community in a big way. In October 2017, Pinterest supplied 20% of social traffic up from just 5% in October 2016 – a threefold increase. The number of monthly visits that come from Pinterest has also increased exponentially – 11x in the same one-year period. TudoGostoso credits Pinterest with helping them reach foodies beyond Brazil – in the US and other countries, including English speakers, Spanish speakers and more.