Driving awareness of the all-new Avalon with Promoted Video

Looking to build on the successful launch of the all-new 2019 Avalon, Toyota partnered with Pinterest on a campaign that chalked up millions of campaign impressions, video views and an average 53% video view-through rate.1

average video view-through rate

Their goal

Driving model redesign awareness

Toyota is in the business of making innovative mobility products, and has been for over 75 years. As a company, Toyota aims to attract customers with cars and trucks that are dependable, reliable and stylish, providing a satisfying vehicle-ownership experience in America.

Their marketing team planned to run a comprehensive launch campaign for the all-new 2019 Toyota Avalon. The goals were to raise awareness of the all-new car and focus on the beautiful interior, bold exterior design, advanced tech features and enhanced performance. The team was especially interested in increasing awareness and purchase consideration among a younger audience, specifically Gen X and millennials.

Nancy Inouye, National Media Manager
Toyota Motor North America
“The 2019 Avalon campaign on Pinterest drove significant lifts across awareness, opinion and consideration of the all-new Avalon. The strategic mix of various ad types and visually impactful creative made this the strongest performing Pinterest campaign to date. We were also thrilled with the higher-than-benchmark results across our video and static campaigns.”

Their solution

Highlighting premium, innovation and inspiration

Toyota set out to position the Avalon as an upscale vehicle, associated with a premium lifestyle. The visual nature of Pinterest allowed them to connect with consumers and associate the all-new model with interests that aligned with their target audience.

Another reason why Toyota looked to Pinterest is that they knew that the platform is a great place to reach and influence younger car shoppers, specifically Gen X and millennials. Pinterest reaches 1 in 2 US millennials (or 54%)2 and 48% of people in the US between the ages of 45 and 54.3 What’s more, 6.3 million Pinners are actively engaging with vehicle content on the platform.4 Also, 62% of automotive Pinners made a purchase based on seeing automotive content from brands on Pinterest.5

Toyota worked with their agencies Saatchi & Saatchi and Burrell Communications to launch a series of Promoted Videos. The short videos combined interior and exterior shots of the Avalon to help viewers imagine the experience of driving it: Racing alongside a powerboat to demonstrate the available Sport+ mode, opening the doors using an Apple Watch6, speeding past another car using the dynamic auxiliary turn signals and hitting the accelerator to hear the engine sound enhancement feature.

The campaign also included a number of Promoted Pins featuring photos of the Avalon’s cabin, and the car in various outdoor settings. Applying Pinterest’s creative best practices, the team added text overlay to all the Pins to help them stand out, give context and provide immediate, clear branding.

Their results

Where the rubber meets the road

The Saatchi & Saatchi campaign drove significant lifts across all metrics. In fact, in their partnership with Pinterest over the last several years, this is the best performing campaign Toyota has experienced on the platform to date.

The videos executed by Saatchi & Saatchi and Burrell Communications racked up millions of video views and achieved an average 53% video view-through rateperforming well above Toyota’s benchmarks for video view-through rate7 on the platform. Combined with Toyota’s Promoted Pins, the overall campaign received millions of total impressions.8 The Pins that mixed interior and exterior shots of the Avalon performed better than those with only one point of view. In addition, this campaign led to hundreds of organic saves of the Avalon Pins across intent-based boards, further extending consumer engagement with the vehicle.

A Kantar Millward Brown Brand Lift Insights study9 also showed that the Saatchi & Saatchi campaign lifted model redesign awareness, favourability and intent at statistical significance.

The success of the campaign was due in large part to Pinterest’s unique platform that enables consumers to discover new products visually, and allows creative teams to design and showcase beautiful creative to maximum effect.

The results also prove that the Pins reached and appealed to the style-conscious consumers in Toyota’s target audience, increasing the perception that the Avalon is an upscale vehicle.

Advertiser tips

  • Use a mix of Pin formats to highlight different kinds of creative, as this performed really well.

  • Follow Pinterest’s creative best practices. In this campaign, incorporating Pinterest's recommendations drove stronger performance. 


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