Unearthing personal colour palettes

UK-based retailer Topshop wanted to develop a campaign to make all of the colour trends of London, New York and Paris fashion week accessible to consumers in a timely and unique way. 

The first retailer to use the Pinterest API to launch an app, Topshop’s developers built Pinterest Palettes. Pinterest Palettes is an interactive discovery tool that looks at a person’s boards and Pins to uncover their personal colour palette. Topshop made those palettes shoppable, dynamically recommending pieces from the product catalogue based on the colours of each Pinterest Palette.

As part of the Fashion Week campaign, Topshop also revamped their Pinterest profile with new content, driving more visitors to their website.

The Pinterest Palette app and its associated Fashion Week campaign resulted in a 17% bump in Pins created from the Topshop website, plus a 260% boost in impressions. Engagements on Pinterest (saves and clicks) also increased by 262%.

260 %
boost in impressions
262 %
increase in engagement
Sheena Sauvaire
Global Marketing and Communications Director, Topshop
“Pinterest is the social platform that drives the most amount of sales.”
Bringing fashion trends from the catwalk to real life

Pinterest Palettes didn’t just stay online – Topshop brought Pins to life by integrating the experience in their NYC SoHo shop and London Oxford Circus flagship store.

At each location, Topshop set up touchscreens and iPads so that customers could create, print and reference their Pinterest colour palettes as they shopped. Different areas of the stores were even arranged by colour to make it easier for shoppers to browse and find items that matched their Pinterest Palette colours.

Topshop’s innovative approach allowed audiences to interact with their brand in a unique, 360-degree way. Pinterest Palettes generated 55 press stories from mainstream consumer media as well as fashion and tech publications.  In addition, Topshop received positive feedback and hundreds of posts on their social media channels.

“There’s a huge amount of information that we’d love to share through Pinterest with our consumers. We want to make sure we aid them and bring them into the store, making the shopping experience more fun” said Margadant.