Increasing orders by 95% with a new approach

The young French furniture maker expanded their online community using Promoted Pins, the Save button and Rich Pins to reach active home-décor shoppers, increasing orders by 95%.

increase in organic orders
Their goal

Creating community to build a brand

Two long-time friends dreamt of creating unique, inspiring furniture. They wanted it to be both affordable and durable enough to be passed down through multiple generations. That dream became TIPTOE in 2015. Today, people in more than 40 countries own TIPTOE’s furniture products, including its powder-coated steel table and desk legs in a variety of colours.

Born out of a Kickstarter campaign, TIPTOE has always treated its customers and fans as a community, communicating with them daily via digital channels, including Pinterest. And people on Pinterest love to find creative, unique retailers such as TIPTOE. 85% of home décor shoppers browse Pinterest to find new ideas,1  pinning 75% more home décor ideas in 2017 than in 2016, totaling more than 14 billion.2 That includes the 12 million home décor ideas pinned every month in TIPTOE’s home market of France.3

In early 2017, TIPTOE conducted a customer survey, which revealed that Pinterest was driving just 2% of their referral traffic, but 10% of their orders. While their initial, measured approach had built an engaged, vocal community, they recognised the opportunity to jumpstart growth by reaching more of Pinterest’s many active home shoppers.

Sharing and promoting Pins as fresh and unique as their furniture would enable TIPTOE to reach buyers and stay at the forefront of their minds right when they are considering purchases.


Vincent Quesada
Co-founder, TIPTOE
“Pinterest is a very valuable platform for brand discovery, delivering 2% of our referral traffic but resulting in 10% of our total orders. We have received promising results from using Promoted Pins, and will continue to test new landing pages to further improve our cost per click.”
Their solution

Promoting fresh content automatically

When TIPTOE launched their new website in January 2018, they expanded their existing organic social activity with Promoted Pins and raised the quality bar. Not only did they post more, but they also invested resources to ensure that the Pin images and text were fresher and more engaging. They implemented the Save button to enable website visitors to easily Pin products.

They also started using Product Pins, a type of Rich Pin, to provide more complete information about each item – including pricing, availability and location.

TIPTOE also expanded its Pinterest activity by better automating content-sharing from their website and Instagram. And as a nod to their community, TIPTOE also began to create thematic shared boards where their followers and outside ‘Pinfluencers’ could view and Pin their favourite ideas.

They targeted people who’ve shown an interest in home décor via their pinned ideas, keyword searches and preferences.

Their results

95% increase in organic orders in 8 months

The new strategy that TIPTOE launched with their new website has yielded a 95% increase in organic orders within the first 8 months.

The numbers are proof that Pinterest helps TIPTOE build timely brand awareness by targeting active home décor shoppers deep in the consideration phase, generating significant and immediate sales.

Advertiser Tips

●   Start with high-quality and engaging content.

●   Automate content-sharing across platforms (such as from website or other social media to Pinterest) through custom integrations.

●   Make it easy for people to Pin and share your content through Pinterest Save buttons and widgets.

●   Use Rich Pins while ensuring that all the images on your website have the right metadata before you Pin them.

1Pinterest internal analysis, 2017

2Pinterest Global analytics, July 2017

3Pinterest internal data, September 2017