The Grommet

Their goal

The Grommet is a launch platform for unique, undiscovered products. Every day, The Grommet features a new product on its website, and they also add the product to Pinterest to expand their reach. The team wanted to extend their reach even more, so they started using Promoted Pins.

“We help makers succeed by amplifying their stories and products and, with a platform like Pinterest, the reach we now have is tenfold” said Tori Tait, Director of Content and Community at The Grommet.“We speak a common language with the Pinterest community, discovering new ideas and products, and sharing them with others”.

13 x
increase in revenue thanks to Promoted Pins
4 x
increase in traffic
40 %
decrease in average cost per action
89 %
of Promoted Pin traffic came from new visitors
Tori Tait
Director of Content and Community, The Grommet
“Pinterest has allowed us to become more in tune with our customers and community, which has helped us become smarter marketers and merchandisers.”
Their solution

The Grommet started using Promoted Pins to expand its reach on the platform. In 9 months, The Grommet’s Promoted Pins revenue grew by 1,233%, while traffic increased by 336%.

The Grommet have also been able to meet or beat their cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goals with Promoted Pins, seeing CPAs drop by about 40% on average over the course of a month. That’s because people save Promoted Pins and plan their shopping on Pinterest over longer periods of time.

And the people who convert on The Grommet’s website are often new customers, too: 89% of Promoted Pins referral traffic comes from new visitors.

“Promoted Pins have become much more than a discovery tool for The Grommet” said Maggie Schulz, Digital Marketing Manager at The Grommet. “Pinterest has become our most promising new source of customer acquisition”.


The Grommet’s best-performing Pins clearly show what a product does, how it works and why it’s interesting. Pins with text overlays and multiple images often work well, too, such as this “144 Gifts for Guys” Pin that spells out what’s on the other side of the click.

When a Pin performs well, The Grommet feature it on other channels. A Pin with a lot of clicks, for example, might get used in other online paid campaigns. In fact, when they’ve used top-clicked Pin images in their online banner ads, they’ve seen clickthrough rates increase by 50%.

They’ll also surface popular Pins in email marketing and on their website. When they do, they see an uptick in Pin saves.

“Pinterest has allowed us to become more in tune with our customers and community, which has helped us become smarter marketers and merchandisers” Tait said. “Pinterest takes a lot of the guesswork out of trying to decide which images and products to surface and use in our campaigns”.

And some of what they’ve learned has been surprising. On Pinterest, The Grommet team realised that the way they talked about products didn’t always match how their customers thought of them. Since The Grommet feature practical, problem-solving products, they’d previously describe them as kitchen gadgets or household items in marketing. But people often Pinned them to boards with names like “Gifts for mum” or “I want this for my birthday”. 

“Looking at how people are organically engaging with our content on Pinterest helps inform other areas of our business that previously relied heavily on instinct and subjective decisions” Tait said.