Enticing readers with relevant content

taofeminino used analytics to understand what was trending among their readers, and increased site traffic by more than 11x.

70 %
of taofeminino social traffic comes from Pinterest
30 %
more pages viewed by Pinterest referrals than referrals from other sites
Their goal

Making Pinterest number one for referrals

Created for the modern Brazilian woman, taofeminino (translation: so feminine) is an interactive website that is part of the French digital media group aufeminin. The site’s features focus on fashion, beauty, home, entertainment, wellness and much more. Since its launch in 2013, the editorial and community-based site has aimed to be the main web destination for Brazilian women.

taofeminino first created their Pinterest profile in 2014 because it seemed like a good way to build the brand and increase site traffic. taofeminino aim to be a daily destination for female Pinners looking for beauty and fashion inspiration, tips and trends. Every month, Brazilian Pinners conduct 650,000 searches for make-up.1 In 2016, they saved more than 95 million fashion Pins.2

The editorial team started saving content, creating boards that related to their main content categories and linked back to their homepage. This helped taofeminino reach more people and bring people to the site. Pinterest delivered on the initial goals – and taofeminino noticed that Pinners spent more time on their site than visitors from other platforms.

Once the team realised Pinterest’s value, they set two growth goals. First, they wanted to make Pinterest their number one source of social referral traffic. Second, they wanted to make Pinterest central to their own marketing and communications strategy.

Gabriela Mori
taofeminino SEO & Product Manager
“We definitely wouldn't be where we are if we weren’t on Pinterest.”
Their solution

Establishing a feedback loop

taofeminino started using Pinterest analytics to gain valuable insight into what their readers find interesting, inspiring and useful. That information helps the brand shape their content strategy, both on Pinterest and on their own site.

The team dug into their Pinterest analytics to understand which Pins were saved the most and which Pins drove the most traffic to their site. For example, their readers loved saving tattoos, especially tattoos of cats or dogs. So the team created a dedicated tattoo board, which has become one of their most popular boards on Pinterest. They also now produce more tattoo-related content for the taofeminino site and advise their own advertisers about the kinds of content that resonate best with taofeminino readers.

The site has also authored stories about Pinterest, including “10 moments in which Pinterest will be part of your life”. The content team illustrate the stories with Pins that are already well ranked, so the stories “go viral” very quickly.

taofeminino have a few more tricks up their sleeves to keep Pinners engaged. They make sure they save at least five Pins per day. They also embed thematic boards in articles and ensure that the Save button pops up on every page and picture.


Increasing traffic quantity and quality

taofeminino’s dedication to Pinterest has paid off and they now reach more than 12 million Pinners. They get more referrals from Pinterest than other sites as a whole, and those referrals tend to be higher quality. In 2016, traffic from Pinterest to taofeminimo increased by 11X, representing nearly 70% of their total social traffic. Those referrals spent more time on the taofeminino site, viewing 30% more pages than referrals from other social platforms. They had lower bounce rates than referrals from other sites, too. These results confirm that Pinterest is a smart place for taofeminino to invest their time and effort.

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