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Getting mums into cinemas

A Bad Moms Christmas drove a 29% increase in first choice among mums on Pinterest.

50 %
increase in intent to see the film in cinemas via search placement
31 %
increase in intent to see the film in theaters among frequent film-goer
Their goal

Reach 90% of mums on Pinterest

STXfilms is a global studio that produces, acquires, distributes and markets motion pictures. In 2016, Bad Moms became STXfilms’ first USD $100-million domestic hit. The comedy, starring Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell playing underappreciated and overworked moms who decide to drop everything and take themselves on a well-earned adventure, went on to win a People's Choice award for Best Comedy.

STX’s ultimate goal was to encourage mums across the US to celebrate their inner 'bad mum', and ultimately, they succeeded, creating an inclusive moment for mums. This elevated its sequel, A Bad Moms Christmas, to a film best enjoyed in the cinema. To get mums to take time out of their busy schedules to go to a cinema, STX set a campaign goal of reaching 90%+ of US mums on Pinterest, driving both awareness and intent to watch the film in cinemas. As Pinterest reached 80% of mums in the US, this was a huge audience.1

Amy Elkins
Head of Media and Innovation, STX Entertainment
When we honed in on mums as the main target for the film, we wanted to work with a partner that could help us reach them at scale but also knew how to speak to them. This is when we knew Pinterest was the place we needed to be.
Their solution

Mums on Pinterest are planners

Eight out of 10 online moms use Pinterest every month.2 Not only that, but Pinners are known for using the product to plan what’s next in their lives. 49% of Pinners say they go to the cinema once a month or more, creating a highly qualified audience for A Bad Moms Christmas to tap into.3  

A Bad Moms Christmas leveraged a variety of tactics throughout the campaign, from Promoted Video to Promoted Pins in home feed and search, allowing Bad Moms to be a part of the conversation across all of Pinterest. STX partnered with Pinterest to create custom creative grounded in insights about mums’ behavior on Pinterest, thoughtfully designed for each placement.

With the audience readily available, A Bad Moms Christmas set out to reach 90%+ of Pinterest moms using both video and static Pins across home feed and search. Bad Moms used the same creative from the film’s posters and trailer, and turned them into custom Pins. Co-stars Susan Sarandon and Kathryn Hahn’s Pin earned the highest engagement from people searching for entertainment-focused Pins.

The team also created Pins like this one featuring star, Mila Kunis, putting a humorous spin on the daily challenges that mums often face. The Pins also included a message encouraging mums to treat themselves and head out to the cinema for some well-deserved fun. STX also partnered with Pinterest to produce custom, meme-style Pins starring the film’s talent and tapping into top trending festive themes like ugly Christmas sweaters.  

The powerful combination of the film’s theme of mums trying to do it all and mums' inherent planning behavior on Pinterest, allowed the film to be a natural part of the conversation across key popular categories on Pinterest – from food to fashion – as well as to saturate the key audience of mums interested in entertainment.

In order to reach these audiences, A Bad Moms Christmas used several targeting tactics including targeting people who had marked the topic 'Entertainment' as one of their interests on Pinterest, an audience created by identifying mums on the platform, and activating a third-party custom Visa Audience powered by Oracle, targeting frequent film-goers.

Their results

A Bad Moms Christmas was a box office success, grossing over USD $73 million domestically and over USD $100 million worldwide. It was also a success on Pinterest. The Bad Moms campaign exceeded its goal of reaching 90%+ of mums on Pinterest, with a final count of 93% of Pinterest mums reached.

Millward Brown Brand Lift study also demonstrated A Bad Moms Christmas’ success on Pinterest. Results showed that Pinterest had driven an increase in awareness for both females 25+ (+8%) and frequent film-goers (+15%).

Not only that, but Pinterest increased people’s intent to watch the film in cinemas, too. After seeing the ads on Pinterest, frequent film-goers said they were 31% more likely to watch the film in cinemas, while females 25+ were 29% more likely to list A Bad Moms Christmas as their 'first choice' for films to go and see.

A Bad Moms Christmas also succeeded in achieving its broader goal of creating an eventised experience for all mums. Their Pins were saved to boards like, “Films to See,” “LadiesNite,” and even boards dedicated to film-themed birthday parties!


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Amy Elkins
Head of Media and Innovation, STX Entertainment
Through a variety of creative & strategic tactics, we were able to successfully drive frequent & infrequent film-going mums to see the film in cinemas on the opening weekend.