Analytics-driven Pinterest campaign delivers 2.2x return on investment

The mobile fitness app developer used Pinterest Analytics to learn which creative and targeting strategies worked best to help them connect with their ideal users – beating daily install goals by 5x and tripling revenue in three months.

more daily installs than original campaign goal
return on investment
Their goal

Shaping up a user base

Working out doesn’t have to feel like work. Runtastic’s health and fitness apps combine cutting-edge mobile technology with social and gamification features designed to make getting fit more fun. Runtastic Results, one of the developer’s most popular apps, helps people achieve their fitness goals with a customised 12-week training plan.

Runtastic partnered with mobile advertising company Taptica to build their active user base in the US. The team ran a Pinterest campaign with the goal of achieving the maximum number of app installs, registrations and premium membership subscriptions.

Their goal was to reach people interested in improving their physique, but who don’t have the time or ability to get to a gym regularly. The ideal target was a fitness beginner with enough motivation to sign up for a month-long, structured training plan.

Their solution

Insight through analytics

From the outset, the team planned to try various creative and targeting strategies, and optimise the campaign over time based on what worked.

To kick things off, Runtastic targeted a broad audience with general keywords and posted a new Promoted Pin every day. They targeted people who searched for customized workout plans or specific exercises like lower body workouts. They also targeted those who engage with diet and weight loss content.

This strategy enabled the team to strengthen their interest targeting and really hone their creative. Runtastic found that the most effective Promoted Pins were those with photos of people exercising paired with motivational messages such as “Your own personal trainer in your pocket” and a clear “Download today” call to action. Data collected from Pinterest Analytics allowed them to see what targeting and which Pins were the most effective at driving downloads and registration.

As they zeroed in on the top targeting and creative strategies, results steadily improved. Taking this broader, holistic approach also helped Runtastic identify their highest-quality customers – those who upgraded to premium membership by subscribing to a plan.  

Christinne Cuyugan
User Acquisition Manager, Runtastic
“We’re absolutely thrilled with the results from our Pinterest campaigns. The findings we gathered from the platform allowed us to optimise our creative and target our ideal customers. This helped us exceed our ROI benchmarks and tripled revenue month-on-month!”
Their results

Tripling revenue in three months

Runtastic and Taptica exceeded the goals they originally set for themselves. After working with Adjust, a business intelligence platform for mobile apps, the team learned that their Pinterest campaign drove 5x more daily installs than their original goal. Similarly, registrations exceeded their goals by 2.1x. Runtastic’s revenue tripled month-on-month in 3 months, which helped them exceed their return-on-investment goal by 2.2x.