Pura Vida

It’s all in the wrist...and then some

Pura Vida is a San Diego-based company that offers bracelets made by Costa Rican artisans. What began as a 5-week long college graduation trip has since turned into an in-demand business that sells to more than 3500 surf shops, boutiques and chain stores around the world.  

Although they use Pinterest to showcase their wristwear, Pura Vida (“pure life”) also use the platform to capture their joyful, free-spirited brand. Their seaside roots are reflected in their Salt and Sand and Beachy fashion boards, whilst the wanderlust that sparked the creation of the company shines through in boards such as Let’s go and Roughin’ it.  

“We love Pinterest because it allows us to paint a story about our brand that other channels can’t. We can display our "vibe" through multiple boards, and share our original blog content with our fans and across the world” said Griffin Thall, Pura Vida’s CEO.

However, don’t be fooled by Pura Vida’s relaxed aesthetic. Pura Vida partnered with digital agency Sum Digital to scale their Pinterest advertising programme, and their collective approach to saving is careful and measured. They always take time to experiment and see what resonates with their audience.

“Our Pinning strategy is to showcase the beauty, style and spirit of the Pura Vida Bracelets brand in order to drive website traffic and orders. We’ve seen that lifestyle and product shots shown in pairs, vertically, perform very well” said Terry Whalen, President of Sum Digital.

Griffin Thall
CEO, Pura Vida
“Pinterest is important to our marketing efforts because it brings in a different type of visitor and shopper to our site. These people are much more interested in shopping, and take their time to browse through our site. In comparison with other channels, Pinterest is by far the most unique.”
Promoted Pins that last a (pure) lifetime

When Pura Vida first started using Promoted Pins, they used traffic campaigns to drive visits to their site – and, soon after, they started using engagement campaigns too. With engagement campaigns, they were able to invest in interactions such as close-ups, saves and clicks in order to understand if their audience wants to buy their products. (Remember: People on Pinterest are 1.4x more likely to buy something if they save it!)

Throughout these campaigns, Pura Vida were surprised by how far their ad dollars went on Pinterest. Unlike newsfeed-style ads, Promoted Pins have a much longer effect, since people tend to save things they may want to buy later. Using conversion tracking, they found that bracelet orders increased by an extra 31% in the 25 days after their campaign ended.

“We have been pleasantly surprised at the number of purchase conversions that happen far after ad dollars have been spent. There is a persistency with Promoted Pins, making them the gift that keeps on giving” said Sum Digital’s Whalen.