Modern Citizen

Gaining customer insights with buyable Pins

Modern Citizen is a destination for the modern woman, with thoughtfully designed and curated fashion and home goods. As a relatively new brand, Modern Citizen is constantly trying to understand the life of its target customer from all angles – not only what she likes to wear but where she likes to go and what she likes to do with her time. The retailer relies on Pinterest to learn about its audience’s varied interests whilst sharing its own viewpoint across fashion, beauty and home décor. 

“With Pinterest, we’re able to explain our brand and what we stand for in a more nuanced way. Pinterest is a richer acquisition channel as a result” says Nichole Powell, Marketing Manager.

Nichole Powell
Marketing Manager, Modern Citizen
“Pinterest is a key acquisition channel for us. We’ve loved seeing new customers come in from buyable Pins who had never purchased with us before and from areas outside our usual urban demographic.”
Optimising for mobile shoppers

Connecting with on-the-go shoppers is crucial for Modern Citizen. The online retailer ensures that its site is as responsive and mobile-friendly as possible to enable an effortless buying experience for the modern and mobile woman. Modern Citizen also aims to be wherever its target customer is already spending her time online. That way the retailer can deliver the instant gratification she expects at the precise moment buying inspiration strikes. 

“We’re always looking for new ways to connect with our customers across multiple platforms. For example, we bring our followers from Pinterest and other social channels into our online shop experience. We’re always asking ‘Where does she want us to be?’. We know our customer is frequently on the go, so being able to go with her on mobile – whether via our own site, Pinterest or another e-commerce platform – is important” Powell said. 

Nichole Powell
Marketing Manager, Modern Citizen
“We’ve found that, if a particular style does well on Pinterest, that’s probably an indicator that our audience is looking for more of that style.”
Gaining product insights and increasing Christmas sales

During the Christmas shopping season, Modern Citizen used buyable Pins to gain a more comprehensive view of how customers interact with the brand on Pinterest. The retailer, which sells a range of women’s clothing, accessories, jewellery and home goods, was particularly interested in what types of Pins drive the most traffic to its site.

“We’ve found that, if a particular style does well on Pinterest, that’s likely to be an indicator that our audience is looking for more of that style. That could mean something as specific as structured tops, midi-length skirts or a particular colour. We can then use that data to shape our strategy for the coming collections” Powell said. 

Pinterest’s buyable Pins mobile commerce solution successfully drove increased sales for Modern Citizen. Unsized or easily “giftable” items tend to do well at Christmas for most online retailers, and Modern Citizen was no exception. Jewellery sales from buyable Pins were particularly strong. Another valuable Christmas insight that made the brand take notice: many Pinterest orders are placed from areas across the US and outside its usual urban demographic.

“We have a primarily urban customer, so it’s been surprising to see how Pinterest enables us to reach new customers in unexpected locations. As a newer company, Pinterest is a key acquisition channel for us, and we loved seeing new customers come in from Pinterest who had never purchased with us before. Since implementing Rich Pins and buyable Pins across our entire product inventory, we’ve seen our number of orders from Pinterest go up by 73%” Powell said. 

What works
  • Use rich insights about your customers' tastes and trends on Pinterest to drive your product and marketing strategy. 
  • Deliver an effortless mobile shopping experience with buyable Pins that combines delightful discovery with instant gratification. 
  • Experiment often. Try creating a board for new items at the top of your profile that gets updated often, and pair with a more evergreen set of boards.