MINI’s road to success with a test-and-learn approach

German auto brand MINI revved up their ads on Pinterest in 2019 to generate awareness and consideration for select models—resulting in a 47% lower cost-per-click (CPC) and a 66% increase in engagement.1

They achieved this by targeting new audience groups, designing creative to align to specific models and audience interests, and using a test-and-learn approach in close collaboration with Pinterest.

47 %
lower CPC compared to MINI’s internal benchmark
66 %
improvement in engagement versus previous quarter

Their goal

Awareness, traffic and engagement

Creative use of space has been MINI’s formula for success since day one—reducing everything to the essentials while still offering a great experience. People often consider how their car will fit into their life and on Pinterest, brands can show them. That’s why MINI launched a campaign on Pinterest to spotlight various models on a quarterly basis. 

First up, increasing awareness and purchase consideration in Q3 for the MINI Clubman, followed in Q4 by the MINI Cooper SE, the first fully electric model in the MINI portfolio, as part of a worldwide product launch. At the same time, the campaign intended to draw attention to the MINI John Cooper Works and drive website traffic.

Their solution

Reaching the goal via specific targeting and optimal creative

Optimal formats and targeting strategies, creative design and Pinterest’s best practices for mobile advertising were pivotal throughout the process. 

To ensure maximum relevance, specific targets were used for each car model to reach people as accurately and as in-line with their interests as possible. The spaciousness of the MINI Clubman was promoted in the context of important life events, such as getting a pet. For the MINI Cooper SE, specific interest categories such as environmental awareness, progressiveness and cultural interest were developed and targeted. When showcasing the MINI John Cooper Works, on the other hand, lifestyle and sport became the focus.

Both branded and non-branded keywords were used to reach people at different stages of the buying process. The models and their features were put front and centre through a combination of classic ads, carousel formats and videos. Last but not least, eye-catching text overlays highlighted the call to action.

In the German market, the creative aspect was carried out by Serviceplan Campaign X, while Mediaplus and Plan.Net NEO were responsible for the media strategy, setup and performance-oriented optimisation.

Their results

Cost-efficient traffic and high engagement

As part of a test-and-learn plan drawn up in collaboration with Pinterest, MINI steadily improved their results and significantly outperformed the benchmarks they had set internally. Building on learnings from Q3, the promotion activities in the following quarter were significantly more successful.

With a 27% lower CPC than benchmarked, the campaign to increase consideration for the new MINI Clubman performed strongly from the start. Thanks to targeted optimisation efforts, performance continued to improve in Q4: CPC was 32% lower than benchmarked for the Cooper SE and 62% lower for the MINI John Cooper Works. Overall, the Q4 campaign achieved a 47% lower CPC and a 66% increase in engagement compared to Q3.

MINI Cooper SE

Advertiser tips

  • Optimise your CPC by implementing Pinterest’s creative best practices, such as using a text overlay.
  • When defining your targets, it’s important to consider the target group for the product that you’re promoting. If the scope is broad, then interest targeting is recommended. Specific topics can be found by targeting certain situations, such as major life moments, like getting married.
  • It’s worth experimenting with your choice of placement: Start broad with ‘All placements’ and then narrow these down all along the funnel, based on the situation.

 1MINI, internal data, 2019