Maple Leaf Foods

Lifting brand metrics among parents with family-friendly recipes

The packaged meats company reached parents with a series of Pins featuring quick, guilt-free family meals, increasing ad recall by 6%, brand favourability by 4% and saw a 15% increase in brand favourability among males.1

increase in ad recall
increase in brand favourability

Their goal

Boosting brand and in-store sales

Sustainable protein company Maple Leaf Foods is a purveyor of packaged meats. They are on a mission to help transform the global food system so that it can survive for generations to come. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Maple Leaf Foods can trace their roots back over 100 years.

Today, they’re adapting to feed the evolving palette of Canada and the rest of the world, and are intent on expanding their product line to include plant-based alternatives to meat. Their brands include Schneiders, Prime, Field Roast Grain Meat Co. and many others.

Maple Leaf Foods wanted to reach parents when they were looking for family meal ideas. They wanted to spread the word that Maple Leaf products are made with only premium meats and real, simple, natural ingredients. They hoped to increase brand awareness and audience reach as they inspired people to try new dishes, and ultimately buy Maple Leaf Foods in-store.

D'Arcy Finley, Vice President of Marketing
Maple Leaf Foods
As we evolve to meet changing tastes, we’re focusing on sustainability, and using only real, natural ingredients in our meat products. Our recipe campaign on Pinterest helped us communicate all those things to busy parents – and measure the resulting increase in brand awareness and favourability.

Their solution

Solving the daily dinner dilemma

Parents are tired. But even so, they have to figure out what’s for dinner every night. Maple Leaf Foods knew that the visual platform would be a perfect place to reach parents with quick ideas for guilt-free food.

For their campaign, they wanted to share tasty, simple, kid-friendly meal ideas that feature Maple Leaf products. The Pins were part of a larger effort promoting new messaging about Maple Leaf’s natural ingredients.

They used a combination of interest and keyword targeting to reach people searching and saving around both food and parenting topics. Keywords included ‘easy lunch ideas’, ‘family dinner’ and ‘healthy kids snacks’.

Their series of food-focused Pins featured single photos of one-dish meals and kid-friendly food with Maple Leaf meats front and centre. The campaign ran from 31 January – 28 February 2019.

Their results

Nourishing results

Maple Leaf Foods’s campaign delivered strong results across multiple metrics. Their brand lift study showed a 4% increase in brand favourability. Most significantly, they measured a 15% increase in brand favourability among males.2

Advertiser tips

  • Consider the season. We ran this campaign in winter, so it featured photos of dishes that looked like they had just come out of the oven.

  • Use a combination of targeting methods to really narrow your audience down to exactly the people that you want to reach.

  • Pinterest is a visual platform, so make the most of it with gorgeous photography that will stand out.


1Maple Leaf Foods data, 2018

2Maple Leaf Foods data, 2018