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MADE.COM have collaborated with 60 designers to make unique, well-designed home décor affordable and accessible to everyone. Their products are available across Europe and, as part of their ambitious growth strategy, MADE.COM used Pinterest to increase transactions by 106% and revenue by 173%.

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Our customers are savvy, online operators with a keen eye for style. They spend a lot of time on visual platforms such as Pinterest, using it to plan key life events.

Hannah Pilpel Hannah Pilpel Social Project Manager

Growing a Pinterest ecosystem

Every day, people save more than 5 million home décor Pins. That’s why, when MADE.COM launched their company in March 2010, they were sure to create their Pinterest profile soon after. On Pinterest, they knew they could reach a design-forward audience looking for help with renovating rooms or decorating new flats.

"With home décor being one of the biggest categories of content on Pinterest, it allows us to talk to people when they’re in this planning phase” said Hannah Pilpel, Social Project Manager.

When they started using Pinterest, MADE.COM created boards with popular design trends. Today, Pinterest has become a vital piece of MADE.COM’s growth strategy - they’ve expanded their content and integrated Pinterest into all other channels and platforms.

Their Pins now include guest-curated boards from prominent Pinners, as well as photos from MADE Unboxed, a realtime gallery of images from actual customers. MADE.COM also use their Pins to test different design trends. If certain types of Pin resonate with Pinners, they’ll use that information to create blog posts, social content and emails. (In their emails they even include a banner back to Pinterest to fuel more repins and clicks!)

“From Pinterest Analytics we’re able to see what other interests our audience has. We use these insights when developing wider content ideas that will be of interest to our audience in other marketing channels” said Pilpel.

Showing more with Rich Pins

One of MADE.COM’s goals on Pinterest is to help people learn more about their pieces, which is why they started using Rich Pins. Rich Pins include extra information such as product name, price and availability. These little details make a huge difference, since they’re often key to encouraging people to take action with the Pin.

By ramping up their Pinterest presence with Rich Pins and a diverse set of content, MADE.COM have seen dramatic results in just a few months:

36% increase in traffic to their site
51% increase in conversions
106% increase in transactions
173% increase in revenue

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