Their goal

Lowe’s help people love where they live with guidance at every stage of the home improvement process. Whether someone wants a simple paint change or a large-scale refresh, Lowe’s can provide style suggestions and project solutions all the way from inspiration to project completion.

Lowe’s regularly create campaigns to boost awareness of their style expertise and they're a brand leader in social video. The team sought out an ad format that would simultaneously inspire their audience, inform them about options and motivate them to act. Past campaigns had proven Pinterest’s value as a marketing tool thanks to its audience reach, level of engagement and unique visual layout. When Lowe’s heard about Pinterest’s new Promoted Video format, they jumped at the chance to be an early adopter.

Savannah Samuelson
Social Media Manager, Lowe's
“Pinterest video provides us with an opportunity to further engage with Pinners seeking home improvement project inspiration and confidence. We’re thrilled with the results: videos were viewed in their entirety and our customers saved the Pins for future reference as they plan to improve their homes”
Their solution

Promoted Video presented an exciting opportunity to take consumers from style discovery to project action. On Pinterest, video is about more than view counts. Every Promoted Video also includes an in-feed preview plus a cluster of static Pins beneath the video to drive clicks. This unique format can boost awareness and action at the same time, so it was a natural fit for their objectives.

For their first foray into Promoted Video, Lowe’s repurposed assets from their popular Hypermade video series. They worked with Pinterest’s insights team to look at top home décor keywords, top terms and other interests shared amongst home improvement Pinners. This informed targeting and promotion of videos featured in the campaign.

Lowe’s tested two different approaches for the static Pins beneath each video. Some Pinners saw product Pins, while others saw Pins with project how-tos. In addition to the videos, Lowe’s ran regular Promoted Pins with interior design styles. Using multiple Pin formats allowed for a consistent, rounded style story, furthering campaign reach and providing a convenient comparison for measurement.


The campaign directly influenced people’s perceptions of Lowe’s as a retailer with stylish home products. Results showed that exposure to video ads led to a 2x higher uptick in awareness compared with standard Promoted Pins that ran at the same time. Lowe’s also proved that video is a strong fit for their audience, since their video ads produced higher ad memorability than non-video ads run at the same time.  

Video Pin Performance was strong: completion rates were double the Pinterest benchmark for videos longer than 25 seconds. This made Lowe’s the strongest performing home décor video partner on Pinterest to date.

The video campaign further validated Pinterest as a powerful tool for Lowe’s. The retailer plans to keep working closely with Pinterest to identify opportunities to connect to their audience through engaging, inspiring formats and content.  

“Video Pins enable our customers to discover new DIY ideas in an entertaining format” said Savannah Samuelson, Social Media Manager at Lowe’s. “Beyond the video, Pinners are also given step-by-step guidance and insight into products used in home improvement projects”.