Living Royal

Drawing in new customers

Living Royal, a Chicago-based sock brand, wanted to connect with potential customers browsing Pinterest. Living Royal creates a mix of eye-catching Pins featuring both lifestyle images as well as straightforward shots of its products. The company experiments with playful messaging using text overlays to drive engagement. One top performing Pin spotlighting whimsical mermaid socks with its signature tagline drove more than 33,000 engagements.  

“We focus on bright, colorful graphics usually accompanied by some text overlay that might feature either a fun tagline or our brand slogan. We’ve also found using long, vertical pins that showcase multiple products or images do better and entice users to click through,” said Terry Whalen, president of Sum Digital.

6 x
increase in traffic
40 %
higher conversion rates

Living Royal instantly recognized the value of the organic traffic Pinterest was driving to its site and saw an opportunity to invest in Promoted Pins and scale the impact on sales.

“We know people are searching for Living Royal products especially on Pinterest, which tells us that Pinterest is very popular among the Living Royal customer base. It seemed like Pinterest would be the perfect place to acquire new customers and grow Living Royal’s business,” Whalen said.

Living Royal started using Promoted Pins to promote products and images that successfully drew in customers through other online paid channels, testing similar messaging on Pinterest. The company also targets its brand name as a keyword on Pinterest, which drives strong conversions from motivated people who are searching for Living Royal.

“This tells us that we are building up a strong online presence and awareness of the brand is spreading. We feel that Pinterest contracts the entire purchase funnel and it’s just a few small steps from discovery to purchase for Pinners,” Whalen said.

Terry Whalen
President, Sum Digital
“Pinterest drove a very significant amount of revenue in 2015...converting online ‘window shoppers’ and browsers into paying customers.”
Delivering results to decrease CPA and increase revenue

Within the first month of investing in Promoted Pins, traffic from Pinterest to the Living Royal website increased by 6x. After using Pinterest’s conversion tag, which shows conversions from clicks and other engagements, the brand also saw a 31% CPA decline.

“Promoted Pins have a really long lifespan. We see conversions continue to roll in long after the lifetime of a campaign, which means your ad dollars go really far. We’ve seen CPAs fall as people revisit their saves and likes to convert at a later stage,” Whalen said.

During the last quarter of 2015, conversion rates on Promoted Pins were over 40% higher compared to paid traffic from similar channels. Pinterest also drove a significant amount of revenue in 2015 for Living Royal, according to Whalen.

“With Promoted Pins, we can go after the huge, growing Pinterest user base in a controlled way to drive revenue. We often see prospects convert into customers faster on Pinterest than they do from other channels,” Whalen said.

For Living Royal, advertising on Pinterest blends the best parts of search and social marketing— high consumer intent plus feed-driven discovery rooted in rich targeting.

“Pinterest has the discoverability and the search component, and that, combined with a future, planning mindset, helps create a bit of advertiser magic,” Whalen said.