Growing impressions, clicks and community

The Spanish-language recipe site has got their community cooking by using the Pinterest API and Save button to automatically create over 15,000 Pins, which have increased their page impressions by 2.6x and clicks by 4.7x in just 2 years.

increase in impressions
increase in clicks

Their goal

Lifting referral traffic to build community

For Spanish-speaking food lovers, Kiwilimón is a goldmine. The site is home to thousands of recipes and more, enhanced by the site’s virtual community of amateur cooks. Each recipe includes detailed instructions along with ratings, comments and photos from people who have tried them. Signing up for membership opens access to shopping list and unit-conversion tools, a virtual recipe book and the ability to share recipes back to the group.

Kiwilimón was looking to dramatically increase the online community of savvy amateur cooks in Mexico, while also expanding their own presence throughout Latin America. Their main goal was referral traffic from Pinterest back to their site.

Wanting to connect with people looking for new food and recipe ideas in Spanish, Kiwilimón knew that Pinterest was a great place to start. Mexicans save 3 million ideas to the platform each day, and 5.9 million food ideas each month.1

Lorenza Avila
Chief Content Officer, Kiwilimón
“Pinterest has always been a great source of inspiration for Kiwilimón and a main driver for reach. Through Pinterest Analytics, we have been able to identify what content works best with our target audience. This has helped us determine the type of recipe content that we should focus on producing in order to drive traffic and engagement with our brand.”

Their solution

Efficiently creating thousands of Pins

With such a wealth of content on their site already, Kiwilimón used a couple of different tools to speed up the process of creating Pins. First, they added the Save button to all the recipes on their site to encourage people to save them to Pinterest. Next, to automate Pin publishing, they used the Pinterest API, which can turn any content on an advertiser’s site into a Pin.

As part of this process, Kiwilimón specifically chose to create Recipe Pins, a type of Rich Pin that can include title, ingredients, cooking times, serving information and ratings.

Following Pinterest creative best practices, Kiwilimón added text over the top of images on their Pins to help them stand out in people’s feeds and provide context for the featured images. They also used vertically-formatted Pins – taller than they are wide – which provided the space to show a few different how-to steps for a single recipe.

Kiwilimón was able to turn all of their existing content into great Pins. They grouped Pins into different types of boards: some by ingredient, some by occasion and some by cooking method. Kiwilimón has no shortage of content to tempt any craving.

Their results

Referring 25% of social traffic

From July 2016 to July 2018, Kiwilimón’s Pinterest campaign delivered a 2.6x increase in impressions and a 4.7x increase in clicks, and now refers 25% of the site’s social traffic. In those two years, they’ve attracted 8 million unique visitors referred from Pinterest.

Their most popular board is ‘Cocina Mexicana Tradicional’, with 586 Pins and over 205,000 followers. It gets the most impressions all year, but especially in the days leading up to the September Mexican Independence holidays.

Kiwilimón plans to keep innovating on Pinterest to help them continue growing their audience in Mexico, Latin America and beyond.


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