Kérastase boosts brand awareness with help from Pinterest creators

Kérastase partnered with top Pinterest beauty creators to generate a buzz around the brand’s purple shampoo. The results? A lift in brand awareness that's 11% higher than benchmarks.1

During the 2021 festive season, Kérastase wanted to draw attention to their neutralising shampoo—a fan favourite that helps to keep blonde shades in check. But during a saturated time of year, they needed to make sure that their launch assets stood out. And that’s where Idea ads came in.


lift in brand awareness, compared to benchmarks1


lift in Pin awareness, compared to benchmarks1

Finding fresh audiences with Idea ads

The Bain Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo is one of Kérastase’s most beloved products. After only one wash, this purple shampoo can enhance blonde or highlighted hair, transforming locks from brassy to bright. Kérastase wanted to get the word out about this fan favourite—and an Idea ads campaign was the solution.

Idea ads and their fullscreen, multi-page format proved to be perfect for this campaign. They allowed Kérastase to demonstrate a variety of Bain Ultra-Violet’s use cases, from ‘before and after’ looks, to how to incorporate the purple shampoo into your morning routine. By using a mix of video and images, the brand was able to tell a deeper story—and build interest into all of Kérastase’s products.

Kérastase launched the ads in paid partnership with one of Pinterest’s most popular beauty creators, Iskra Lawrence. The partnership also helped Kérastase to reach more of Iskra’s current audience, who were already on the lookout for beauty tips and tricks. It also helped Iskra to reach new viewers, as Kérastase promoted the ads to new audiences on Pinterest. In other words: The campaign was a win-win for both the creator and the brand.

A salon-grade campaign

Kérastase optimised their campaign with the Pinterest trends tool, which allowed them to ensure that the ads were aligned with the content their audiences were already searching for. And Kérastase tapped into Audience Insights to ensure that the ads reached the right people: individuals interested in salon care and looking for styling inspiration.

‘Our strategic approach made sure we were meeting our consumers where they were, and providing them with engaging content that they were already interested in learning about. In doing so, we drove awareness for the Kérastase brand and our site.’

— Guillaume Duez, 
SVP, Brand Lead, Kérastase Paris

The gorgeous results

Kérastase’s creative strategy paid off. The campaign saw a brand awareness lift that was 11% higher than benchmarks, as well as a boost in Pin awareness that was 36% higher than benchmarks.1 In other words, after viewing Kérastase’s ads, audiences not only remembered the ads, but the ads helped audiences to keep Kérastase top of mind.

Tips for your next campaign

Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads.

  1. Work with Pinterest creators to help your brand tell its story with a trusted and authentic voice. In fact, brands that worked with creators saw 38% higher brand awareness.1

  2. Use Idea ads paid partnership feature to improve your campaign’s impact. The tool will help your ads reach existing and untouched audiences.

  3. Align your campaign’s creative to current trends. The Pinterest Trends tool helps you see what’s trending on Pinterest with your audience, and optimise your content based on these insights.