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Homepolish is an interior design start-up bringing affordable design to clients at a flat hourly rate. Through engaging board collaborations, stylishly curated Pins and careful attention to Pinterest Analytics, Homepolish has built a growing community of design lovers.

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Pinterest's inherent virality lets us easily express our brand's aesthetic to a broader audience.

Kate Haberbusch Kate Haberbusch Digital

Building a community of design lovers

Pinterest is a natural fit for Homepolish, a company founded on bridging tech savviness with an eye for design.

“Homepolish is a very visual brand, and Pinterest lets us distribute and amplify our unique imagery and content to design lovers who might be interested in our services” said Will Nathan, co-founder and Chairman of Homepolish.

Homepolish attract design enthusiasts, inspire current clients and engage new ones with Pins that showcase chic work spaces and cool bachelor pads. They build attractive boards with a balance of original content and Repins from design-savvy sources in order to create the ultimate design experience for followers.

“We pay attention to which images resonate with our clients, which rooms they care about and what styles pique their interest” said Kate Haberbusch, Digital and Content Marketing Lead. “For example, we've learned that our audience likes clever craft ideas such as using coathangers as a magazine rack. They're also fans of our Light & Bright board that features white, open spaces.”

Pinterest also acts a visual communication tool between Homepolish and their clients. They encourage customers to share their aesthetic and style through Pinterest to match them with the perfect designer.

Growing a start-up with style

Homepolish rapidly gained more than 26,000 followers after creating stylish boards as well as using several Pinterest tools. They integrated the Pin It button on their website so that visitors could save design ideas easily. Now more than 6,000 Pins of beachy bedrooms and cosy kitchens are saved from their website each month.

“The Pin It button set up a great cyclical flow of traffic to our site. Our customers share Pins with their friends and followers, who in turn visit our site and add more Pins. We saw 100,000 Repins in the past month alone!” Haberbusch said. “Pinterest's inherent virality allows us to easily express our brand's aesthetic to a broader audience”.

After tracking Pinterest Analytics on engagement and referral traffic, Homepolish established an optimum schedule and cadence for adding Pins. At least 10% of the site’s referral traffic consistently comes from Pinterest and 75% of those visitors are uniquely new to their brand. They also use analytics to decide which content to feature in their magazine and which images might perform best in ads.

Additionally, Homepolish discovered that collaborating with similar brands is an effective way to amplify their message. “Our guest board with Etsy on home trends for 2015 is one of our highest performing boards” Haberbusch said. “This joint collaboration let us re-purpose one piece of content over the course of an entire year, and created a very focused and engaged following”.

Suggestions from Homepolish

Add the Pin It button to increase referral traffic and brand awareness

Collaborate with similar brands on group boards to boost engagement

Repin great ideas from other sources to create the best experience for Pinners