Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa)

Increasing brand awareness with videos and geo-targeting on Pinterest

By combining short, informational videos (six seconds long) and Pins showing statistics, the German savings bank, Hamburger Sparkasse, aimed to efficiently and effectively increase awareness of its consultation expertise when it comes to financing home construction among potential customers in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The videos proved to be extremely successful, with high completion rates and a cost per completed view 87% lower than the other advertising channels. Costs such as CPM (24% lower) and CPC (47% lower) also came in below the figures from other platforms.1

87 %
Lower cost per completed view than other digital channels
24 %
Lower CPM than other digital channels
47 %
Lower CPC than other digital channels

Their goal

Establishing Haspa’s reputation as a property expert

In the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, Hamburger Sparkasse AG (Haspa) is the leading bank for private customers and medium-sized businesses, providing them with skilful, customer-oriented support for their future financial plans. As the region’s number one provider of financial support for home construction, Haspa is highly regarded by its customers for its expertise in home ownership and the property market.2

The focus of the campaign was to make Pinners aware of Haspa’s property expertise and to promote the bank’s expert reputation. The bank aligned the campaign with its geographic region to build up awareness and reach. It also intended to break down the complexity of home construction financing, making it more accessible for its target audience.

Their solution

Fine-tuning target audience and format selection in order to share useful tips and tricks on financing for buying a home

Pinners with an interest in topics such as home and living and home ownership were defined as an important target audience. Over a period of 7.5 weeks, five videos and multiple statistics-based advertisements on various topics were deployed. The videos’ primary purpose was to increase awareness regarding the topic of property financing, while the static advertisements consisted of infographics that shared practical tips and tricks. The protagonists of the videos were the ‘Haspa Influencers,’ employees who act as brand ambassadors for Hamburger Sparkasse. This conveyed an increased sense of Haspa’s closeness, trustworthiness and competence.

Anna-Lena Böhn, branding and sales communication
Hamburger Sparkasse
“The topic of 'home ownership' is linked to lots of positive feelings and associations. However, the complexity of home construction financing, and the whole process involved, often makes potential customers hesitant. Concrete guidance, services and tips were intended to increase awareness and reduce the complexity surrounding the topic. Being aware that the topic of 'home and living' on Pinterest was highly relevant, we used this campaign as an opportunity to test the platform. We became convinced that we should use Pinterest for future campaigns as well, not only because the surrounding content was well-matched, but also because the performance values for video and traffic were so good.”

Their results

Cost-efficient, target-oriented campaigns

Haspa used Pinterest to effectively reach potential customers in a targeted way. Through short, informative videos, static Pins and targeting of prospective buyers, the bank was able to achieve positive results. 

The Pinterest campaign, with its specific regional focus, delivered more cost-efficient results than other digital channels. The CPM was 24% cheaper comparatively, while the CPC was actually 47% cheaper. The video view metrics were particularly impressive, with very good completion rates and similarly good value on cost per completed view, which was 87% lower than the other advertising channels used.3

Advertiser tips

  • Context is king: A topic like home construction financing gains most relevance when categories such as ‘home and living’ are expressly targeted
  • A combination of videos and static Pins used as part of a sequential campaign simultaneously builds awareness and consideration 
  • Short, engaging videos are a powerful tool for increasing awareness, resulting in a sense of closeness and trust, and a good understanding of the message

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