Guerlain sees the beauty of lower-funnel impact with their Pinterest campaign

By combining a range of Pin formats with interest and keyword targeting, Guerlain increased brand awareness by 16% and met their objectives for their Pinterest campaign.1 But that’s not all: the brand saw a direct impact on the lower funnel, noting a +40% increase in add-to-cart conversions in the lead-up to Christmas.1

Red lipstick

Guerlain set their sights on Pinterest to promote their new Rouge G lipstick to a targeted audience of high-end female shoppers. The brand chose Pinterest specifically for this campaign because they knew when it comes to beauty, people on Pinterest have a higher cart value than other platforms.2 They also felt that Pinterest could help incite excitement and turn the Rouge G lipstick into the must-have beauty item of the season.

Their targeting and strategy paid off, increasing brand awareness and consideration in the lead-up to the end-of-year festivities.


targeted impressions2


lift in purchase intent1


Add to cart conversions1

A beautifully targeted campaign

By combining several ad formats— video, static, carousel and collection—with interest and keyword targeting, Guerlain reached their core audience: high-end women shoppers aged 25-49.1

The brand worked closely with the Pinterest team to follow all the best creative practices and offer original, varied content.

An impactful makeover from upper to lower funnel 

The campaign’s impacts were seen at all parts of the funnel. Guerlain’s video ads garnered almost a million views in just 3 weeks.1 The campaign also recorded the most competitive CPM, compared to other platforms running the same creatives.1 Results went all the way down to add-to-cart, where a 40% increase was measured.1

“This campaign was a success from all angles. Not only did we reach our brand awareness and consideration goals, we were also able to have an impact on the bottom of the funnel.”

— Jérôme Grange,
Media Director, Guerlain France

Tips for your next campaign

Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads.

  1. Use a variety of ad formats— video, static, collection, etc.—to boost ad recall.

  2. Use a targeting strategy based on interests and keywords to reach the right audiences. Use the Audience Insights tool to adjust your aim during the campaign and improve performance.

  3. Adapt your messages to seasonal moments, like holiday to meet people where they’re at.