Gravity Blankets

Growing a new business on Pinterest

The weighted blanket brand ran a Pinterest campaign to boost awareness ahead of the festive shopping season, achieving a 2x increase in sales and a 58% lower cost per acquisition.

increase in sales
lower cost per acquisition
Their goal

Increasing customers while keeping costs low

Gravity Blankets are weighted blankets designed to help with sleep, stress and anxiety. They’re made by health technology company Gravity Products LLC, which is dedicated to improving physical and mental well-being using natural solutions backed by science. Research indicates that the blankets can help people fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply without a prescription, therapeutic training or changes to their routine.

Gravity was looking to expand their digital advertising in the lead up to the 2018 festive shopping season. Shifting from their earlier focus on maximising website traffic, they worked with the digital performance agency, Agency Within, to kick off a new campaign that would help scale customer acquisition efforts and drive sales for the lowest cost. They also wanted to build brand awareness, while communicating their commitment to mental health.

Michael Choi, Account Manager
Agency Within
“Conversion optimisation really allowed us to structure the campaign in a way that was aligned closely with our ultimate goals. We tried out a few different kinds of creative, targeted different keywords and interests, and learned what worked best before we jumped in with both feet. We’re amazed at the results we’ve seen in just a few months.”
Their solution

Scaling up step by step

Gravity and Agency Within knew that the overall demographic on Pinterest aligned with their target customer. The team decided to use Pinterest’s new conversion optimisation feature to get the most out of their ad spend. This fine-tuning helped Gravity’s ads reach the right people, and appear in relevant searches across both browse and search placements. This helped Gravity achieve record highs in both reach and conversion that they could scale over time.

Taking a phased approach helped them to increase scale while simultaneously lowering their cost per acquisition. At the start of their campaign, Gravity used keyword and interest targeting to help increase brand awareness among US and Canadian consumers. To optimise their ad spend, they targeted interests related to their products, as well as keywords associated with Christmas gifts, stress relief, anxiety relief and help with sleep.

Since their campaign goals were to increase sales and acquire new customers, using the Traffic objective allowed them to measure their CPA efficiently. After early results were in, Agency Within launched additional ad groups with expanded targeting, including actalike audiences.

For their creative, they took the best-performing Pinterest ads of those that they had already run, and used them as the basis for their new Pins. The top performers touched on several of Pinterest’s creative best practices, including eye-catching imagery (related to sleeping), a vertical layout and text overlay to provide context.

Their results

Dreamy results

The Gravity Blankets campaign has significantly outperformed internal benchmarks. Thanks to the conversion optimisation feature, they saw a 2x increase in conversion volume with a corresponding 58% decrease in cost per acquisition.

The Agency Within team saw a huge increase in reach, and they’ve earned millions of impressions so far. All in all, Pinterest has been an extremely effective channel for them, significantly contributing to the growth of the Gravity Blankets business in just a few months.1

Advertiser tips
  • Start small. Try different formats, different creative and targeting to learn what works best for your business.

  • Hone your campaign objectives with Traffic as your goal in Ads Manager and switch to conversion optimisation when you want to efficiently push scale.
  • Leverage Audience Insights in the Analytics view of Ads Manager to learn more about your audience and identify opportunities for expansion.


1Gravity Blankets data, 2018