Gardener's Supply Company

Giving customers a choice

Gardener’s made it easy for customers to shop whenever and however they want, through Pinterest’s streamlined checkout flow and their own website. Gardener’s discovered that buyable Pins generated in-app purchases from new customers and drove more traffic (and sales!) to their site. For every sale they made on Pinterest, they made three on their own site.

Since introducing buyable Pins in July 2015, Gardener’s has seen 2x the traffic and 3x the sales over the same period in 2014. Buyable Pins have also helped them reach a younger generation of consumers on mobile and have driven 22x more mobile visits to their site than any other social platform.

22 x
more mobile referrals from Pinterest than any other platform
~ 3 x
more sales per year with buyable Pins
Reaching a young, mobile market

95% of the people who purchased from their buyable Pins were completely new Gardener’s customers. While Gardener’s core demographic is 45-64 years old, the strongest conversions actually came from a younger crowd of 18-24 year olds!

Max Harris
Vice President of e-Commerce, Gardener’s Supply Company
“Compared with Facebook, where we’ve allocated more resources over a longer period of time, Pinterest has surged ahead dramatically with 5x more sales.”
Creating new business on a new platform

Most of Gardener’s sales have traditionally come from functional products such as composters and raised beds, but Pinterest has drummed up significant interest in festive décor such as pine cone string lights and aroma oil diffusers. This has helped them understand how purchases can vary on different platforms, and that each platform’s customers may have different values.

Suggestions from Gardener’s Supply Company
  • Use buyable Pins to turn Pinner inspiration into instant gratification, helping you close the sale right at the moment of discovery
  • Attract hard-to-reach mobile customers that may not otherwise have heard of your brand, through buyable Pins
  • Drive highly qualified traffic to your products on Pinterest and your site, because Pinners are already in a shopping mindset