Mastering the art of boards

As the United Kingdom’s largest film channel, Film4 makes and shows films in cinemas and on television sets all throughout the U.K. To attract everyone from James Bond fans to horror aficionados, Film4 Pins a wide range of movie content. With their boards, they’re not afraid to get adventurous and try Pins that span all subjects, and this means curating stuff that’s not just from their own site, but from all over the web.

Film4 also shares different types of content, like video interviews with celebrities and Product Pins for movie-inspired greeting cards that show where Guardians of the Galaxy was filmed. “The Film4 website is very text focused. On Pinterest, we are able to add more fun stuff, make it more visual, and include a variety of content. We have the flexibility to show more interesting content,” said Catherine Bray, Editorial Director, Film4 Online.

The key to creating great boards? Not being afraid to experiment and play around with different ideas. “We have been surprised that some of our top list boards haven’t done as well as expected, but it’s all about learning and shedding old behaviour; it’s taught us that click-bait doesn’t always work.”

In just one year, Film4 have grown their following to 600k, 4x the number of followers they have on their other platforms.

Catherine Bray
Editorial Director, Film4
“I love the fact that Pinterest is a real-world platform, designed to engage real-world behaviour.”
Increasing views on Pinterest (and onscreen)

Film4’s largest successes have come from creating content that inspires Pinners to take action on their interests by checking out Film4’s website and TV channel.

To understand what Pinners are interested in, Film4 analyse what people search for on Pinterest. Then, they build up a series of content around those interests. “We found that the content that works best plays on what people are already interested in rather than just focusing on Film4”.

For example, when the Hunger Games premiered, Film4 built a survival guide, pulling in trivia and facts from books into the board, and saw a 1620% spike in profile impressions. They also found great success creating a board to promote their Channing Tatum season, which had 84,000 impressions on the first day. They were even able to sustain engagement throughout the season by continuing to promote the boards on social channels.

“We can’t believe how quickly Pinterest has taken off, going from a niche network to something that Film4 now use in very creative and rich ways. We’ve seen this happen within the last year and thought it would take much longer to develop our audience here. We also love how positive people on Pinterest are, and how our audience celebrates creativity.”