Inspiring gift givers

The online marketplace created a custom gift-finding tool to help shoppers with personalised recommendations for gifts, generating high engagement with the Pinterest audience and driving direct visits to Etsy.

clicks to the online experience
click to completion rate within the gift-finding tool
Their goal

Raising brand awareness around festive season gift giving

Etsy is both a global marketplace and a vibrant community. They’re home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures. With a mission to keep human connection at the heart of commerce, they empower sellers to do what they love and help buyers find what they love.

For their 2018 festive season campaign, Etsy wanted to inspire the millions of people who search for gifts on Pinterest and alleviate the pressure of gift giving by helping buyers find thoughtful, personalised gifts.

Additionally, Etsy aimed to boost sales for their sellers during the busiest season of the year.

Their solution

Creating an experience that shares personalised gift recommendations

In order to reach an engaged audience, Etsy took a creative and fun approach by developing a virtual 'gift tag' tool that enabled users to search for the perfect gift on Etsy based on personal inputs.

They worked with creative agency Virtue and Pinterest to create the Etsy Gift Finder, an interactive tool that helped people discover one-of-a-kind gifts on Etsy. It looks like a traditional gift tag and has three blank spaces to fill in descriptions – what kind of gift the shopper is looking for, who they’re buying for and what the recipient likes. When the Pinner submitted the information, the tool linked to an Etsy page full of custom gift recommendations.

Etsy took a multi-phased approach to raise awareness and encourage engagement. They ran a combination of Pinterest ads, including Promoted Video at max width, produced by their partner Brit + Co, a lifestyle media company. Shoppers just had to click or swipe on Pins to activate the tool.

For the initial phase, Etsy combined targeting methods to reach three groups of people: those who had purchased from Etsy in the past, those who had visited the Etsy site but hadn’t purchased, and people on Pinterest searching for and interested in unique gifts.

In phase two, Etsy launched another batch of Pins to retarget people who had watched the video in the first phase, encouraging them to complete the virtual gift tag experience. They also worked with Pinterest to segment gift givers into four groups based on who they were buying for – him, her, children or home – and targeted each group with relevant creative.

Their results

Generating high engagement and driving thousands of orders

The Etsy Gift Finder reached over 20 million unique Pinners over the five-week campaign.1 It generated over 400,000 clicks to the gift tag experience and drove thousands of orders on Etsy.2

The gift finder experience achieved an impressive click-to-submission rate: 27% of people who clicked on the Pins went on to fill out the gift tag and submit their answers.3

Advertiser tips
  • Leverage key seasonal moments and insights to inform your creative approach.

  • Branching out with a completely new and an innovative concept like this sets you apart from other advertisers, and puts you at the forefront of people’s minds once they engage.

  • Give people something to play with. Interactivity can really improve engagement numbers and drive sales.


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