Increasing brand awareness among homeowners with Promoted Pins

The door hardware manufacturer used Pinterest to market directly to homeowners, a shift from their traditional model of selling to dealers. Within just five months of launching the campaign, they saw a 1,200x increase in website impressions.

increase in website impressions
increase in clicks from Pinterest within the first month
Their goal

Increasing referral traffic

Knobs, levers, rosettes and finishes: Emtek has been creating door hardware since 1981. They see their products not only as a means to open, close and secure spaces, but also as an extension of their customers’ personal style. Emtek allows people to mix and match according to their own taste, they assemble each order in their Southern California facility.

After years of selling through dealers, Emtek saw an opportunity to shift their marketing focus. More and more, homeowners are acting as their own designers and doing their own research on platforms like Pinterest.

Upon noticing this trend, Emtek wanted to capitalise on it by boosting their brand awareness among homeowners themselves, encouraging more customers to visit their website and buy their door hardware directly.

Amy Switzer, Marketing Manager
“Our activity on Pinterest has boosted our overall online performance, not just our Pinterest performance. It has provided a huge amount of net new traffic to us, which is especially exciting considering that we're reaching a whole new audience of homeowners.”
Their solution

Showcasing hardware with Promoted Pins

For years, Pinterest has consistently driven a lot of organic traffic to the Emtek website. So, the team knew Pinterest would be a great place to boost brand awareness, and try their new marketing strategy. Home décor shoppers are very active on Pinterest. Over half of the people on Pinterest are more likely to buy furniture (54%), 44% are more likely to buy items for the bathroom and 43% say they’re more likely to buy items for the kitchen.1

First, Emtek created some new Pins for the products that they wanted to promote. Those new Pins drove a huge increase in click-through rates – so the team decided to invest in Pinterest Ads.

The Emtek team worked with Pinterest to figure out the best strategy. They shared their best-performing creative from other social media platforms, as well as images of their best-selling products, and assembled four keyword targeting combinations to test.

Emtek launched their first Pinterest Promoted Pin campaign in May 2018. They targeted female homeowners aged 30–69. Pinterest is an ideal platform to reach these women: It reaches 8 out of 10 US mums, and more women than Twitter or Snapchat.2

Emtek’s Pins reflect the company’s dedication to quality and style. Pins showcase door hardware installed in home environments as well as products arranged in catalog-type shots to show their product variety, and how different pieces could go together.  

To this day, Emtek regularly promotes their Pins using different levels of expanded targeting to find what works best. They also pair the top-performing creative with retargeting strategies – reconnecting with people who have previously engaged with their Pins for even better results.

Their results

5.3x more clicks from Pinterest

In the first few weeks of Emtek’s campaign, overall site traffic sky-rocketed from a few thousand impressions per month to 500,000. In the first five months, the increase in site impressions was a whopping 1,200x greater than in the same period the year before. Likewise, clicks from Pinterest to Emtek.com nearly doubled in the first month, and just kept growing after that.

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