Inspiring health-conscious cooks

EatSmarter is a hub for healthy eating. EatSmarter knew that Pinterest would be the perfect place to grow a following, especially because of how popular recipes are on the platform. The team added a variety of boards for seasonal events, evergreen topics and niche interests, from New Year’s Dinner to “Eskimo” diet recipes.

Recipes and DIY content performs well. EatSmarter also created special images just for their Pins, which include a before and after visual for recipes as a way to drive engagement. The more helpful a Pin appears, the more it resonates with people on Pinterest. Pins that follow Pinterest best practices–vertical formats, detailed descriptions–attract the most attention.

They’ve learned what’s working for them. “The equation: the more you Pin, the more traffic you can get” said Martin Kaltwasser of EatSmarter.

12 x
increase in referral traffic
16 x
growth in impressions
Expanding their reach

EatSmarter also added the Save button and the on-hover Save button to their website. Adding these buttons on site pages led more and more people to save EatSmarter content to Pinterest.

To tell readers more about the value of Pinterest, EatSmarter added Pinterest widgets and made sure to promote their Pinterest profile and boards on their website, in emails and on social channels. They started a dedicated banner campaign and created articles for their website about how to use Pinterest (ex. how to plan for seasonal events), driving back to Pinterest content at the same time.

Martin Kaltwasser
“Pinterest is a long term and sustainable success for us, and it’s only just beginning. We’ve gained valuable traffic and can’t wait to see what’s next.”
Seeing results

Their Pinterest efforts have paid off: today, Pinterest is EatSmarter’s second largest source of social referral traffic. In just one year, referral traffic grew 12X from Pinterest. Impressions grew 16X in the same time period.

EatSmarter also use Pinterest Analytics every week to spot trends. They  looked at Pins with high repins to inform their upcoming editorial content.

“Pinterest is a long term, sustainable success for us, and it’s only just beginning” Kaltwasser said. “We’ve gained valuable traffic and can’t wait to see what’s next”.