Dot & Bo

Sharing inspiration (and insight)

As a design-focused business, Dot & Bo’s goal on Pinterest is to help people discover unique furnishings and creative ideas for their home.

Their boards have enough inspiration to fill every room and nook and cranny in the house and back garden - they’ve even flexed their creative muscles by curating boards based on colours, trends and styles from around the world. But, in addition to saving Pins of their own products and sharing their design advice, Dot & Bo also save design inspiration from tastemakers, making their Pinterest presence more well-rounded and compelling.

Although Dot & Bo use Pinterest as a means to share helpful content, they’ve found that insight also flows the other way – people on Pinterest help them understand what they might want to focus on as a business. “Pinterest allows us to spot trending décor styles and understand which furniture or home décor items are most popular” said Anthony Soohoo, Dot & Bo’s co-founder and CEO.

18000 %
increase in average daily clicks to their site
6000 %
increase in saves
4 x
increase in average monthly viewers after using Pinterest tools
Anthony Soohoo
Co-founder and CEO, Dot & Bo
“Dot & Bo is a guided shopping service with the mission to help consumers discover great styles for their homes, and Pinterest is the most inspirational platform to help us with this goal.”
Using the tools of the trade

In addition to making sure they have a collection of engaging Pins, Dot & Bo also take advantage of a variety of Pinterest tools. This helped quadruple the number of average monthly viewers to their site.

The first piece of their Pinterest toolbox? Website widgets and the Save button. By setting up the Save button on every page of their website, Dot & Bo give visitors a way to save their content on Pinterest with one quick tap.

“We love being able to offer an easy way for our users to share their favourite products or collections with their friends, and create beautiful and inspiring boards with our images” said Soohoo.

But that’s not all. Dot & Bo also use Ads to get their content in front of a larger, but more targeted audience on Pinterest. Since they began promoting their Pins, they’ve seen dramatic lifts in site traffic, follows and Pin engagement – average daily clicks to their site have increased by 18000% and Pin saves have jumped by over 6000%.

“We started using Promoted Pins to allow us to spread Dot & Bo content and products to a larger user base, and it’s been a total success so far” Soohoo said. “Promoted Pins are performing on par with our other channels and have become a valuable part of our media mix. Pinterest users are some of our most valuable and engaged customers.”