Increasing sales and excitement for unique, handmade products

DaWanda’s Pinterest strategy is to inspire enthusiasm for handmade products and crafts. Popular boards include unique gift ideas, detailed DIY tutorials and creative fashion trends. To reach a broader audience, they also display compelling content from relevant guests on their Pinterest account.

“Our ultimate goal is to position DaWanda as the marketplace of choice for all things DIY, and Pinterest lets us connect directly with our target audience” said Wiebke Märcz, Senior Social Media Manager at DaWanda. “It’s the best platform to highlight our unique products and increase brand visibility".

To make it easy for shoppers to save their favorite items from a computer or on the go, DaWanda added the Save button to their website, mobile website and app. DaWanda visitors now use the Save button to save around 1,000 things to Pinterest every day.  When people save content to Pinterest from their site, it isn’t just saved to individual boards. Instead, those Pins also get discovered in search results and feeds, which then drives traffic back to DaWanda. 

There are over 340,000 crafters and designers selling on their platform, so DaWanda makes sure to educate them about the power of Pinterest in their seller portal. DaWanda also generates excitement for their Pinterest content with a Follow button on their site. They even highlight new boards and popular Pins in their company’s print magazine, newsletter and other social platforms.

100 %
increase in referral traffic
13 %
higher than average order values

By following Pinterest’s best practices, DaWanda increased their Pinterest referral traffic by nearly 100%. This traffic has generated sales too – the average order value from Pinterest is 13% higher than average order values from other social platforms.

“We love the fact that customers can quickly save our handmade products or craft ideas to their own inspiring boards” Märcz said. “This makes our content more discoverable by other people on Pinterest, expanding our reach quickly and organically”.

Wiebke Märcz
Senior Social Media Manager, DaWanda
“Pinterest is the best platform to showcase our unique products and increase brand visibility.”
What works

Tips from DaWanda:

  • Pin frequently: DaWanda quickly discovered that frequent Pins equal higher engagement. To schedule Pin saves during times of peak usage, DaWanda work with Tailwind, one of Pinterest’s Pinterest Marketing Partners.
  • Add helpful details: to give people on Pinterest more information about products, DaWanda implemented Rich Pins. With Rich Pins, details such as price and availability are automatically pulled from the website onto Pins.
  • Create oversized vertical Pins: longer Pins work well for DaWanda’s multi-step DIY instructions and are saved 3x times more than an average-sized Pin.
  • Use specific boards: as they’ve grown on Pinterest, DaWanda found that splitting generic boards into multiple, specific ones is a better experience. Having more boards also gives them a better insight into their audience’s niche interests - they check each board’s performance on analytics.
  • Add the Save button: Make it easy for shoppers to save their favourite items by implementing the Save button to your website, mobile site and app.