Côté Maison

Engaging audiences and expanding reach

Côté Maison set out to engage Pinners, make their content easily accessible and expand their overall reach.

Côté Maison reaches Pinners by regularly adding content (about 3 times a week) – ensuring that their newest and best Pins are discovered. They frequently update more than 40 boards featuring design elements such as cosy book nooks and pristine pools by adding in older content. They also keep a visual consistency with Pins that reflect their editorial design theme of 'premium but not out of reach'.

+ 64 %
increase in new Pin creation by website visitors
+ 56 %
increase in impressions on Pinterest
Implementing the Save button

Adding the Save button to Côté Maison’s web and mobile sites increased Pin impressions by 56% and grew Pin creations by 64%. In addition to these impressive results, the Save button made it easy for site visitors to save great design ideas – boosting saves and inspiring new audiences. After seeing that saves had the power to increase Pin popularity within a single day, Côté Maison decided to focus on saves and clicks instead of subscribers and likes. 

    Nelly Glassmann
    Journalist & Community Manager, Côté Maison.
    “Pinterest helps us organise our content so that it is easily accessible to our audience.”
    Adding ideas that Pinners love

    Pinterest is a key partner in getting Côté Maison’s content in front of new audiences. To meet Pinners’ demand for fresh décor and design ideas, they spent the first few weeks of 2016 adding 4,000 original Pins. Pinterest also gives Côté Maison valuable insight into what their audience loves – Pins of ideal houses or dreamy flats are very popular, but narrower searches, such as stairs or bathrooms, also perform well. And they use Pin popularity to inform editorial strategy, publishing articles based on favoured trends and home designs.

      Seeing success with the Save button
      • 64% increase in Pin creations 
      • 56% increase in Pin impressions
      • Pinterest is a top traffic source (2x in 6 months!) 
      Suggestions from Côté Maison
      • Add the Save button for web and mobile sites to help Pinners save your content and increase referral traffic
      • Use insights from Pinterest to inform content and marketing strategies
      • Add eye-catching Pins on a consistent basis to keep your brand top of mind