Center Parcs

Their goal

Center Parcs offer family-friendly forest getaways at five villages across the UK. They wanted to boost brand awareness on Pinterest and draw more people to their website, especially those seeking great short break options.

30 x
more clickthroughs than clicks from organic media
95 %
of traffic came from new visitors
Key insights

Because Pinterest is the place people go to start their holiday planning, Center Parcs wanted to catch their eye early by promoting their family-friendly getaways. To ensure they were reaching people at key planning moments, they ran the campaign in the spring, when holiday-related Pins are at their peak.

Travel is one of the top 10 reasons people come to Pinterest, with 62% saying they use it to plan future getaways. So far in 2016, over 16 million people have saved 780 million different travel ideas. Family travel is especially popular, with 2.7 million people saving over 36 million Pins. So is budget travel, with 1.2 million people saving over 12.7 million Pins.

Their solution

Center Parcs teamed up with Marketing Developer Partner Adaptly and media agency Blue 449 to launch a four-week ad campaign featuring their unique short break proposition. The campaign promoted the experience of getting together as a family, whether it’s gathering at a luxury forest treehouse or sliding down the rapids in a subtropical swimming paradise.

They knew that every time someone on Pinterest saved one of their Pins, that Pin would take on a life of its own, reaching a wider audience and generating valuable earned impressions in perpetuity. So they made sure their Pins were especially “save-worthy” with text overlays designed to draw people in.

Center Parcs released this suite of Pins all in one go, using Pinterest to track long-term conversions. And, as the campaign progressed, they took note of how people interacted with those Pins, adjusting their targeting accordingly. For example, when they noticed people saving a Pin for a den-building project to boards about kids’ activities, family holidays and school breaks, they tailored their keyword and interest targeting to reflect that.

Chris Dowse
Senior Media Planning Executive, Center Parcs
“As an early test of a new paid media channel, Pinterest has been extremely promising in terms of competitively driving new customer engagement. We are able to reach people that had previously not engaged with our website and encourage them to discover what our unique UK short breaks can offer their family. Since the platform enables us to reach them exactly when they begin their travel planning, we are placing ourselves in their consideration set from the very beginning.”
  • More website visitors: The Center Parcs campaign generated more than 21,000 clickthroughs, 30x more than organic clickthroughs! What’s more, 95% of that web traffic came from new visitors.
  • Deeper engagement: While web traffic surged, bounce rates were lower than for previous paid social campaigns.
  • Valuable earned media: Each time someone saved a Promoted Pin, Center Parcs earned valuable free impressions that drove 38% more clickthroughs. Because there’s no limit to how many times people can save, share and spread content on Pinterest, there’s no limit to a Pin’s lifespan. That’s why effective campaign costs can continue to decrease even after a campaign ends!
  • Lower campaign costs: The campaign outperformed CPC goals by 45%, with costs 40% lower than a similar campaign on another platform.
What works

Suggestions from Center Parcs

  • Up your exposure: Promoted Pins get you in front of people who most want to see – and share – your stuff.
  • Don't underestimate the power of a single Pin: Think of Promoted Pins as an ad campaign that adds value long after it's over. Pins live forever so, as people keep saving your Pins across Pinterest, you keep gaining valuable exposure.