Promoted Video delivers over 8x return on ad spend

The portable blender brand ran a Promoted Video campaign to show their product in action. They’ve achieved a more than 8x return on ad spend and over 2x the performance on Pinterest as compared to other platforms.

return on ad spend
higher sales performance on Pinterest than other platforms
Their goal

Revving up online sales

The founders of BlendJet started with a simple idea. They wanted a powerful blender that they could take anywhere. So they invented the original portable blender concept and worked with factories to make it a reality. The resulting BlendJet One is a travel-sized, battery-operated blender for making fresh smoothies, shakes, margaritas or baby food at home, at the gym and on the go.

BlendJet already had a finely tuned ad campaign running on other social channels. That effort had taken them from launch in June 2018 to over 200,000 customers in 195 countries in less than a year. Not ones to settle, they were looking to expand their campaign to more platforms and continue driving online sales.

Ryan Pamplin, Co-Founder & CEO
We knew that BlendJet would be a huge hit with Promoted Video Pins on Pinterest. The volume that we’ve seen as a result has been incredible, and the costs are very low. We were profitable with the video campaign right out of the gate and our ROI has been incredible. We’ll continue to be a Pinterest advertiser until the end of time.
Their solution

Demonstrating with video

BlendJet wanted to show off the design and versatility of their blender with video on Pinterest. Compared to other media platforms, Pinners are two times more likely to watch videos on Pinterest to find an idea, product or service that they can trust.2 They’re also 54% more likely to say that they’re inspired to action, and 53% more likely to purchase a product, after seeing a video on Pinterest compared to videos on other platforms.3

BlendJet used Promoted Video Pins to show the portable blender in action and share recipes. Pinterest ads with photos complemented the videos, offering ideas for all the different places that customers could take their BlendJet One, including work, in the car, out hiking and more.  

They initially wanted to reach women aged 25–54 in the US, but have since expanded to more English-speaking countries. They’ve also added blender and recipe keyword targeting, as well as retargeting, where they follow up with people who have engaged with their Pins or visited their website.

Their results

Selling one blender every minute

The company sells a BlendJet One every minute, 24/7—and they credit Pinterest with a lot of that sales volume. Their ongoing Pinterest campaigns have achieved an over 8x return on ad spend, achieved over 2x sales performance on Pinterest compared to other platforms used, and they continue to outperform their campaign goals.4

Currently, Pinterest is the second-largest driver of visitors to the BlendJet website, referring a similar volume of traffic as other social channels at a fraction of the cost.5

Advertiser tips
  • We saw great results using the conversion objective in our campaign – it’s incredibly effective.

  • Take advantage of video with your Pinterest ads. Follow Pinterest creative best practices to make beautiful, product-centric videos for your Pins.

  • Remember to use subtitles in your videos since most people don’t listen with sound and make sure to include a strong call to action to drive sales.


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