Driving awareness of Alpro’s plant-based ready-to-drink coffee through Promoted Video Pins

The plant-based food and drink company boosted awareness of their new product, a plant-based, ready-to-drink coffee, through Promoted Video Pins and keyword/interest targeting.

2 x
completion rate vs Pinterest UK benchmark*
+ 30 %
completion rate vs Pinterest benchmark in Germany*
Sergi Calvo Soler, Global Head of Digital and Media
“When considering Pinterest as part of our media mix, we valued its visual appeal, inspirational components and targeting capabilities. The strong results achieved across the three markets where we went live with this campaign (the UK, France and Germany) demonstrate that advertising on Pinterest was definitely the right decision in order to raise awareness of our latest product innovation amongst a highly relevant audience for us.”
Their goal

Using Pinterest to boost brand awareness

Founded in 1980, Alpro have been making naturally healthy plant-based food and drink for almost 40 years. The company has a simple mission: to change the way the world eats for the better. Why? Because they believe a plant-based lifestyle is good for you and good for the planet.

Alpro wanted to drive awareness of their plant-based coffee – Alpro Caffè – across the UK, France, and Germany. Since “inspiration” is a significant part of the Pinterest mission, it was the ideal platform for Alpro to share their vision of a plant-based future. 

Their solution

Standing out with Promoted Video Pins

Alpro used Promoted Video to raise awareness of Alpro Caffè. Centred around a shot of the product, Promoted Video Pins helped to ensure that the refreshing, plant-based drink was top of mind for Pinners when the warm summer months rolled around. In addition, Alpro used keyword and interest targeting to ensure that the Video Pins were seen by their target audience – Pinners who had an interest in coffee or flexitarian food and drink options.

The campaign was initially launched in the UK, before it expanded to France and Germany. Learnings from each territory enabled Alpro to tweak the campaign while on-the-go, driving an ever-improving performance and allowing them to maximise results. 

Their results

Boosting awareness and completion rates

The campaign was a success, and Alpro outperformed Pinterest’s benchmark KPIs across all three countries. In the UK, the Promoted Video Pin achieved completion rates that were 2x higher than Pinterest’s benchmarks*. In France and Germany, the completion rate was also strong, exceeding Pinterest's benchmarks by 20%* and 30%*, respectively. This demonstrated that Pinterest is a great choice for raising product awareness among people interested in coffee or flexitarian food options.

Sergi Calvo Soler, Global Head of Digital and Media
“Pinners are open to trying new products, making Pinterest the ideal platform for an NPD like Alpro Caffè. The product was front and centre of the video creative, ensuring brand recall for Pinners looking for a refreshing chilled drink over the hot summer months.”
Advertiser tips
  1. Make sure that any creative assets used in your campaign are contextually relevant for the keywords that you use. This will ensure relevancy and engagement amongst Pinners who come across your content via search.

  2. Keep your videos engaging and brand-first. In Alpro’s case, this meant placing the product and the Alpro brand front and centre of the Promoted Video Pin.

  3. Ensure that your video is an optimal length for Pinterest to keep Pinners engaged when they interact with your creative.

*Alpro data, 2019