Driving traffic with the Save button

As the world’s largest digital food brand, Allrecipes reaches a global digital community of 30 million aspiring home cooks who discover and share everyday food inspiration. They make it simple for home cooks to connect around shared food experiences. Leading up to the busy Christmas season, Allrecipes wanted to make sure they were the first place to go for anyone planning a meal. They added the Save button on each recipe page after noticing a big surge in referral traffic from people on Pinterest. They also designed a new page template where the Save button is above the fold adjacent to recipe photos and videos, which made it especially easy for community members to share recipes.

Allrecipes saw dramatic results. Within three months, more than 50,000 recipes were saved resulting in 139 million Pinterest impressions, and clicks on Allrecipes’ Pinterest content increased by more than 900%.

“Since we added the Save button to our site, we’ve seen a significant increase in the volume of recipes and videos shared daily – resulting in dramatic boosts in the daily social referrals that Allrecipes receives from Pinterest" said Esmee Williams, VP of Brand Marketing at Allrecipes. "This makes our content more discoverable, which grows our community”.

"Publishing Pinnable content to the Allrecipes community keeps our brand top of mind. Using the Save buttons and Pinterest-focused emails encourages our community to evangelise our content and helps it reach a broader audience. We also adjust our tactics weekly to ensure that they’re seasonally relevant."

Esmee Williams
VP of Brand Marketing, Allrecipes
“We curate relevant and timely content to fuel a dialogue around cooking. By cross-pollinating within Pinterest, and email marketing, we create a seamless experience that allows us to connect more deeply with our existing community and reach new audiences.”
Using email marketing to drive pins

After seeing such positive results from adding the Save button to their site, Allrecipes learned that community members were excited to share their food inspiration. To make the sharing process easier, they featured Pinterest in their marketing emails, which are distributed to more than 6 million monthly subscribers. The emails featured images from popular Pins and included strong calls to action, including “Follow Allrecipes on Pinterest” or “Give it a save”.

Pinterest targeted marketing had a dramatic effect on engagement, resulting in more traffic to Allrecipes. In less than a week, following the release of the Scoop newsletter, the number of clicks to from Pinterest increased fourfold, repins and likes of the featured images increased more than threefold and reach grew twofold.

Fostering a community of Allrecipes Allstars

An active group known as the Allrecipes Allstars has contributed to Allrecipes’ success over the years. Allstars create great content, encourage sharing and help build the Allrecipes community. To recognise these influencers and make them feel comfortable on Pinterest, Allrecipes conducted special sessions to help the Allstars learn and get excited about Allrecipes on Pinterest. They knew that if they got the Allstars excited, others would follow.

“We were committed to continuing our growth and knew we needed to activate this influential group on Pinterest. The training programme was a great success - they were excited and sharing best practices with each other. The chain is this: Pinterest has inspired us, we’ve inspired them and they’ve inspired each other”.

What works

Tips from Allrecipes:

  • Drive traffic back to your site with the Save button
  • Use email marketing to drive repins
  • Get your community influencers on Pinterest right from the start