Absolut Lime

Spiking offline sales with Promoted Video and Promoted Pins

The premium vodka brand drove incremental offline sales for their lime flavour with a splashy Promoted Video campaign that demonstrated how to make refreshing cocktails at home, lifting household penetration by 4%.

lift in household penetration
Their goal

Promoting a versatile new spirit

The latest flavour addition to the Absolut Vodka family, Absolut Lime brings a fresh twist to a range of classic cocktails.  

Owned by Pernod Ricard, Absolut is the world’s leading brand of premium vodka. After introducing Absolut Lime, the brand wanted to drive offline sales for at-home consumption, especially among millennial vodka drinkers.

Simon de Beauregard
Director, Absolut
“Absolut has a reputation for groundbreaking advertising – and this Pinterest campaign definitely delivered. Not only are the videos beautiful to watch, but they also drove great results for our newest flavour.”
Their solution

Making a (literal) splash

First, Absolut and their agency 360i examined their own customer insights to understand how millennials engage with content about cocktails. They also used Pinterest insights about the spirits category and celebratory moments to inform the campaign strategy and creative.

Running from April to June 2018, the Absolut Lime campaign made a big splash – literally. The brand’s Promoted Videos illustrated how to assemble different cocktails by showing the ingredients exploding. The dramatic imagery captured the refreshing nature of the cocktails and demonstrated how easy they were to make.

The ads also stood out because the team created them specifically for Pinterest. They shot the videos vertically, so they fit perfectly into a Pin’s shape. They also showcased their branding, ending each video with a bottle of Absolut Lime. Messaging worked in insights from the team’s prep work, talking about at-home drinking occasions.

To ensure that they reached the right audience, Absolut used a combination of targeting strategies. Interest targeting drove reach among people looking for inspiration for birthday parties and brunch. The team also used Oracle Data Cloud buyer-based targeting to zero in on vodka category buyers and brand buyers.1 Using Absolut’s own engagement data allowed the team to find people who had engaged with the brand previously.

Their results

Driving incremental sales

This was the first time that Absolut measured how much a digital partner drove offline sales – and the results were significant. Their Pinterest ads successfully boosted incremental sales for the Absolut brand, lifting household penetration by 4%.

Advertiser tips
  • Gather insights about how your target audience uses Pinterest and industry trends to inform your creative.

  • Use expanded targeting to make sure that you achieve your upper-funnel metrics, such as brand awareness, as well as to drive consideration and sales.

  • Regularly optimise your creative mix and targeting based on what’s working best.


Oracle DLX ROI study for the Absolut Lime campaign, 2018


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