Creative strategies for style and fashion marketing

People come to Pinterest to discover their personal style, with over 3 billion ideas saved by 29 million people. They’re making the leap from inspiration to action – 53% say Pinterest has helped them make a fashion-related purchase decision.

Here’s what the top Style ideas on Pinterest are doing better than the rest.

Style Pins
People saving Style ideas

Put your products in context

To get a better sense of fit and fashion, people on Pinterest want to see how products look on real people. Pins that show someone modelling clothing or accessories can see 115% higher checkout rates.

Show your products in real-life situations to help people get a feel for them. Fashion and style-related Pins that show products in real-life scenarios can have 30% higher click-through rates and 170% higher checkout rates than Pins that show products on a plain background.

Showcase multiple products

Give people a few different options for even higher engagement. Multi-product Pins can have 65% higher click-through rates and 50% higher checkout rates.

Make sure you represent your brand, too. Pins with branded product placement have seen 60% higher click-through rates.

Drive action in your Pin description

Avoid cluttering your image and place your call-to-action in the description. Fashion and style-related Pins with the call-to-action in the description have seen 30% higher checkout rates and 60% higher click-through rates.

170% higher checkout rates

Pinterest internal data 2015, 2016