Calming classrooms

Colour classroom-themed collage. Primary-school-aged children of different skin tones are writing at a curvy table in the centre, surrounded by a large stack of books on the right and a large butterfly and tent on the left. A child playing on monkey bars is in the background.

School’s in, breathe out

As children head back into classrooms and reconnect with their community, teachers are bringing the chill with nature-themed classrooms and eucalyptus décor. This trend is rising across millennials, Gen X-ers and boomers.

An open book is in the centre. A child reaches up for a crayon, with a sunflower above it. A yellow hot air balloon is on the left against a rainbow background.

Girl in a green shirt reaches into large green leaves on the left. A ladybug crawls on the left. Child climbs on logs on the right. Child in an orange hammock at top.

Creator Spotlight

Eucalyptus is in. Chaotic classrooms are out. That’s Suzy Memeo’s philosophy when it comes to creating calming environments for kiddos. This curriculum designer shares her nature-inspired ways of decorating form rooms. Follow Suzy and see how you can make any room feel restful.

‘My students are returning to in-person classes this year and let me tell you: they’re in their feels. So I’m creating the most calming set-up ever. We could all use some mini meditation lessons and nature walks during break time.’

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a well-being brand...

Inspire teachers to bring some serenity to the classroom. Create Collections ads with calming essential oils in scents such as lemongrass, eucalyptus and rainwater.

If you’re a home décor brand...

Offer video tutorials to help teachers bring tranquil décor and nature-inspired furniture to their classrooms. And as a bonus, offer styling tips with greenery such as eucalyptus for an extra calming effect.

If you’re a travel brand...

Nurture with nature. Using Pinterest Ads targeting, encourage parents to take their kids on an educational adventure somewhere rustic or rural to feed their mind, body and soul.

Pinterest search term for ‘nature-themed classroom’. A Black girl is holding a leaf and looking at it through a magnifying glass. A child's hand is working on a succulent terrarium. A blue paper fish is hanging from the ceiling. A Pin showcasing a group of diverse children out in nature looking at a plant through a magnifying glass. The text reads, ‘Nature is in session – Find learning plans’. The description underneath reads, ‘Take an educational adventure outside the classroom’.

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