Kidding around

Collage of playful items. On the left, a wooden aeroplane hangs above a white woman sitting on a swing. A toy T-Rex is in a watermelon inflatable rubber ring, with a white hand in a blue sleeve reaching towards it, while holding a paintbrush. A white woman is painting on the floor, in the centre, while on the right, a Black man jumps over a pair of scissors. An older white woman is laughing.

Bring your inner child out to play

Who says children have all the fun? This year, Gen X-ers and boomers will be into playful pastimes such as indoor swings, useful crafts and fairy bedroom ideas. Because crafts and toys keep the big kids young at heart.

A woman in pink on a hanging chair swing is on the left, kicking up a leg. A woman on the right is in a green top and white shorts on a wooden swing with green handles. Blue sky in the background, bright green grass at the bottom.

Collage of crafting. A Black hand is holding a white-tipped paint brush on the left. A white woman in a peach outfit is weaving a tapestry. White hands wipe the edge of a brown vase on a grey pottery wheel.

Creator Spotlight

Adulting is hard. That’s why Creator Amanda Kingloff says to give yourself a break—or perhaps a break time. This author and stylist shares out-of-the-box crafts, that are equal parts chic and child-friendly. Follow Amanda for a daily reminder of the importance of play.

‘When’s the last time you jumped in a bouncy castle? This year, I see our inner children coming out to play with arts and crafts and, of course, the occasional fairy-themed party.’

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a hobbies brand…

Adults just want to have fun! Lean into childhood favourites to encourage summer camp revivals, craft-making parties or video game marathons.

If you’re an entertainment brand…

Get people excited about action and adventure flicks coming soon, like remakes or long-awaited sequels. Action figures aren’t just for kids.

If you’re a food and drink brand…

Who doesn't love hot chocolate or school-day snacks? Give people permission to act like a child and take a grown-up twist on childhood favourites.

Pinterest search results for ‘child food for adults’. Peanut butter and jam in jars, lids, a knife with jam on it. A bowl of porridge with two raisins for eyes, apple slices for a nose and mouth. A plate of pancakes with syrup pouring onto them. A pin of iced toaster pastries with sprinkles with a pink border. The text reads, ‘Adult-approved treats – Recreate childhood classics’. The description underneath reads, ‘Find recipes that tap into your inner child’.

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