Bestie aesthetic

Colourful collage of friends of different races and ethnicities. There's a handshake in the centre, with bright flowers and shapes in the background.

Tattoos and tarot are the new friendship bracelets

Ride-or-die, bestie, BFF—whatever you call them, 2022 will be a year for honouring your chosen family. And this isn’t just a Gen Z thing—all age groups are looking for friendship rings, matching tattoos for guy friends and tarot spreads.

Hands with bracelets and rings slip into each other on the left. On the right, elderly Black and white women smile and take a selfie against a mountain and blue sky backdrop.

Smiling white women lift two boxes together in the centre. A burnt sienna building facade with three windows is on the left. A white hand is on the right, holding three small white boxes wrapped with purple, green and blue ribbons.

Creator Spotlight

Say hello to the fashion world’s most chic besties: Janne and Niqui Bishop. This mother-daughter duo share their own spin on runway looks and follow one rule: Wear what makes you happy. Follow Janne and Niqui for a bestie aesthetic that’s coordinated, not corny.

‘We have a bestie aesthetic and it has Janne and Niqui written all over it. Less matching shirts—more coordinated summer ‘fits. Less wool bracelets—more chic rings and trainers. It’s something that we bond over and it feels uniquely us.’

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a crafting brand...

Inspire people with bestie bracelet-making kits or friendship rings. Matching gifts make the perfect present idea for any occasion.

If you’re a fashion brand...

Buy one, get one for your bestie. Lean into Galentine’s Day and Friendsgiving sale moments for wedding party robes, friendship rings or matching tattoos.

If you’re a tech brand…

Feature tech gifts that keep people connected with their bestie, from wearables to workout tracking devices to walkie-talkies.

Pinterest search term result for group fitness outfits. Two women with matching blue jumpers and matching yellow tinted sunglasses. A back view of two Black women in fitness attire walking side by side. Two older women are doing yoga in a living room. A Pin showcasing two Black women with matching workout outfits sitting on a block back to back. The text on the block reads, ‘bestie workout attire’. The description underneath reads, ‘Shop outfits for any workout’.

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