Hello advertiser,

Are you trying to reach me? I know it isn’t always easy. But I’m not hiding. I’m exploring.

When I’m on Pinterest, I can be myself—not just my selfie. I can check out what I’m really interested in, without worrying about what other people think. I can discover things I love without feeling like I’m being spoon-fed. And, more than other platforms, Pinterest inspires me to take action: make the purchase, try the recipe, start the project.

Who am I? That might surprise you. I’m the construction worker down the street who’s quietly finding my aesthetic on Pinterest. I’m the Gen Z DJ who uses Pinterest to build a sustainable home. I’m a self-employed artist promoting my work and looking for ideas and community. I’m a doer, a seeker, a go-getter, a maker.

If you want to get my attention, catch my eye with video or stunning imagery. Make it memorable. I’m here because I’m a visual person. Impress me.

And talk to me like I’m a human, not a data point. Not just a “consumer.” Keep it real. Make me smile. Make me think. Bring a different perspective. Show me how your brand is making the world better.

Because on Pinterest, ads don’t interrupt my flow. They’re part of the experience, showing me what’s out there, what my options are, how to do something new, something I wouldn’t have dreamt of on my own. After all, that’s what I’m here for.

Your audience on Pinterest