Who they are: Authentic Explorers are living their best lives and radiate optimism, gratitude and happiness. These authentic, self-aware individuals are bubbly social butterflies who love organising get-togethers—so it’s a good thing that their optimism and can-do approach to life makes them great company. They are also nearly 50% more likely to say that Pinterest inspires them to buy things, compared to the competitive average (36%).

Get to know the Authentic Explorers

This group enjoys being part of something bigger. Discover why they turn to Pinterest to find inspiration for what to do, make or buy next.

Why they're here

To live their best lives

They use Pinterest to create vision boards packed with positive affirmations (and pictures of animals) to boost their mood and confidence and help them become the best version of themselves.

To connect with the world
Pinterest provides that sense of connection that Authentic Explorers crave. Whether it’s interacting with other Pinners or feeling closer to nature and the outdoors, this group enjoys being part of something bigger—and they use Pinterest to tap into this.

8 in 10

feel Pinterest is a place for discovery

3 in 4

feel that Pinterest is an inspirational platform

What they're interested in

“I mainly use Pinterest to create vision boards... for daily inspiration for living a good and successful life, full of gratitude and happiness.”

Female, 45+, Manchester

Tips for marketers

Brands that take a fresh and fun approach to ads appeal to Authentic Explorers because they don’t take themselves too seriously. Catch their eye with playful and quirky content like memes, GIFs and videos that make them smile and boost their mood. Petcare companies can help this group keep their furry friends happy and healthy, while wellbeing brands can promote products that will help them take care of themselves.


Sparkler and Pinterest Segmentation Analysis, United Kingdom, February (Quantitative Analysis) and March 2021 (Qualitative Community)