Using creative content and a unique combination of two Pin extensions (Quiz to Board and Lead Generation), Switzerland Tourism scored well on Pinterest during the coronavirus crisis. The quiz completion rate was 80% and the average time spent on the Pin extension was 31.5 seconds.1

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on tourism. Switzerland, particularly its towns and cities, felt the effects of the crisis just as much as many other tourist destinations when travel lovers had to cancel their plans.

Switzerland Tourism responded to these challenges with a special campaign. It wanted to rekindle hope and anticipation about travelling, and at the same time increase awareness of Switzerland and its towns and cities as a holiday destination. The perfect environment for creatively realising this was on Pinterest, as people use it to search for inspiration and to plan future trips.

Key results:


quiz completion rate2


seconds spent on the Pin extension3

Switzerland Tourism called on Pinterest users to design their dream scenario for a holiday in Switzerland and to make this a reality as soon as circumstances would allow. To achieve this, the team at Switzerland Tourism chose a powerful combination of Pin extensions: Quiz to Board and Lead Generation, a creative approach to achieve its goals and interact with users.

The first stage of the “Win a weekend in Zurich” competition offered users an incentive to share their holiday preferences (e.g. town or eco-tourism, active or relaxed) through a quiz. Based on this, quiz participants got a personalised board with travel suggestions for Switzerland. After the quiz, users could enter the next stage of the competition.

The campaign was run in various European markets, including Germany, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, and targeting was consciously focussed across relevant interests and keywords.

“Like many travel agencies, this year we are also facing brand new challenges and had to get creative in the way in which we addressed our target groups. On Pinterest, we were able to try something entirely new and reach those who are dreaming about travel. By combining two Pin extensions we were able to both fulfill the dream of a trip to Switzerland and generate solid leads, which we will be able to use in future communications.”

Dominic Stöcklin
Head of Social Media, Switzerland Tourism

By using an interactive and visually appealing quiz, Switzerland Tourism was able to engage Pinterest users: 80% completed the quiz and overall the users spent 31.5 seconds on the Pin extension. Switzerland Tourism campaign was very well received amongst town- and travel-related users on Pinterest.

Tips for your next campaign

Use powerful imagery with just one photo and a clear, comprehensive call to action.

GIF-style animated Pins are best suited for inviting users to take part in a competition.

Continuous optimisation of targeting is essential for a cross-market campaign.

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Switzerland Tourism, internal data, 2020


Switzerland Tourism, internal data, 2020


Switzerland Tourism, internal data, 2020