Purina® positioned itself as a brand with a great sense of responsibility, driving Pin awareness by 4.9%. Plus, brand awareness amongst Pinners who own a pet (not a dog or a cat) spiked by 10.5%.

From the very beginning, Purina® set off to inspire future and existing dog and cat owners to better organise their lives with their four-pawed friends. The brand provides customers with nutritious and well-balanced pet food, as well as qualified answers to their questions about their beloved companions.

Purina® are all about taking responsibility, not just when it comes to the wellbeing of pets and their owners, but also in terms of the environment. As such, Purina® wanted to boost awareness and build their image as a highly responsible brand on Pinterest.

Key results:


brand awareness amongst Pinners that own neither a dog or a cat1


Pin awareness2

On Pinterest, people are looking for reliable information from trustworthy sources. Plus, Pinterest is known for helping reach their customers at a very early planning stage—e.g., when they start thinking about the acquisition of a pet. Because of this, Pinterest was the ideal platform for Purina® to approach both prospective and actual pet owners with its expertise.

To increase brand awareness, the team used standard and maximum width video ads at a range of different lengths. And as an added bonus, Purina® was able to use these experiences to inform future campaigns.

After reaching a critical number of Pinners, Purina® kicked off a second campaign aimed at puppy owners (or puppy-owners-to-be—lucky!). The objective? To direct these Pinners to the sign-up page of the Purina® puppy school, where they would receive first-hand tips and tricks from experts on a weekly basis via email.

“Not only did we see a clear increase in our brand awareness, but also a rise of 3.3% in our KPI in relation to our reputation as a responsible company for pet food—a big success for us.”

Lea Drusio
Head of Digital, Nestlé Purina® PetCare


With the help of Pinterest, Purina® has drawn closer to its brand objectives. The campaign delivered an increase in brand awareness of 3.2%.3 Moreover, Purina® managed to consolidate their reputation as a “brand with a high sense of responsibility” amongst dog owners on Pinterest, demonstrated by a rise in the related KPI of 3.3%4.Last, but certainly not least, Purina® saw its brand awareness amongst Pinners that own a pet, but neither a cat or a dog, soar by 10.5%.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

Provide Pinners with information and tips from experts.

Try out different video sizes and lengths to see what works best.

Make use of interest and keyword targeting to ensure that you’re able to reach your target audience with the relevant content.

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